The Lady With The Legs, Hustler, July 1985 (1 Viewer)

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Can't say I remember seeing this before. No listing of the July 1985 issue of Hustler in the magazine search. The few pieces of writing I have from Hustler are from the late 1970s.

So what was the "hot fiction" by Bukowski? Has it been collected?

I came across this cover (no story) in a flickr online file. I haven't search the porn stacks in years. (Honest! :angelic:)

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Story - "The Lady With the Legs" by Charles Bukowski. I can't recall if it was collected. Someone will know for sure.

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To answer my own question, Paget Press (1984) screenplay is aligned with later screenplay on this scene, so there goes that theory.

Still, I really like the Hustler story.

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