The Lady With The Legs, Hustler, July 1985 (1 Viewer)

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Can't say I remember seeing this before. No listing of the July 1985 issue of Hustler in the magazine search. The few pieces of writing I have from Hustler are from the late 1970s.

So what was the "hot fiction" by Bukowski? Has it been collected?

I came across this cover (no story) in a flickr online file. I haven't search the porn stacks in years. (Honest! :angelic:)
Story - "The Lady With the Legs" by Charles Bukowski. I can't recall if it was collected. Someone will know for sure.
To answer my own question, Paget Press (1984) screenplay is aligned with later screenplay on this scene, so there goes that theory.

Still, I really like the Hustler story.

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