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New book alert! Really treading lightly with a summary of this rare book, knowing many readers likely know more about it than I and, heck, maybe even friends with the author, but here goes. For the shake of brevity, if I get anything wrong please feel free to correct me.

THE SECOND COMING was a zine published/edited by AD Winans from '72 to '89. This was the last issue which collected a range of material found in the previous issues. AD Winans, along with Allen Ginsberg and others, founded Beatitude, another magazine of poetry. He's probably best known for NORTH BEACH POEMS, a fairly well-known Beat era chapbook. The Anthology collects a range of styles rather than being a "best of" collection. I recommend it to fans of Buk's who're looking to expand their horizons

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There are some of us still lurking around here. Second Coming was a good series. I've got Vol. 2, No. 4&5 and Vol. 5, No. 1, which has 44 pages of Buk. I also have a T-shirt with the cover photo posted by the OP.
I've got that Second Coming Anthology and haven't looked at it since I read it as a new publication. That's the case with many Bukowski publications in my collection.

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