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Wouldn't it be great to own a book signed by "one of Hank's closest friends for 30 years" (quote from John Martin)?
Sometimes close friends turn out to be assholes, but anyway...
I'm not sure what the legality or royalty issues are with respect to print on demand copies, but they don't strike me as terribly friendly to the folks who actually put the work in on these books. I have no dog in the fight, but I'm wondering how legit these are.
When I click on the link to The Book Depository it gives me the price in DKK (Danish kroner) and that's 280,37 DKK which is the same as 37,64 Euro (thank you Google). That's not too steep a price, I think, and it's with shipping included. It's certainly much cheaper than when the book came out. The only downside for me personally is that The Book Depository adds 25% VAT which they collect on behalf of the Danish state and then the price is 47.06 Euro. But for the rest of you who don't live in a country that puts a 25% VAT on books 37.64 Euro inc. shipping should be an acceptable price.
I read and enjoyed the book he edited to do with Buk "On Writing", so I'll keep an eye out for this when it's in my local library or when it becomes dirt cheap online.
Hey Able, for some reason I think this came from your book and for some reason I can'tell find it, but did you list some of the names Bukowski came up for Black Sparrow Press?
Sir Pogue, I think what you are musing upon are the logos that Buk came up with for BSP. From page 134 of abel's book:

"While Bukowski never had a hand in the design of his Black Sparrow Press productions, he did send Martin several sparrow drawings to be used as the company logotype, but they were eventually discarded. Martin finally settled on the one conceived by his wife Barbara: “The first [sparrow] version was round and plump. The second was thinner. And the final version was jet-airplane-sleek…Barbara who designed the vast majority of BSP books is solely responsible for their ‘look’” (J. Martin, “Hello!”)."
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Only the first six pages of Chapter 3, to be precise.

I'm gonna buy this book some time next year, the price has already dropped to 31 euros (from 43 in June) by now.
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No, don't wait, buy it now.
Every time I checked the price of a book I had recently bought at TBD, the price had gone down. So, if you (or anyone else, for that matter) buy The King today it will get cheaper for the rest of us tomorrow. ;))
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Good thinking, zobraks! :D - Last time I checked TBD (The Book Depository) the price was £35 (plus 25% VAT they collect on behalf of Denmark. Maybe I should emigrate :p)
My God, drink at home a couple of nights this week, save the money and buy the book. You can't be that fucking desperate. If you are, sell your sister's dirty panties for $5 a piece on eBay and you'll be there in no time. And if that doesn't work, get off your ass and rob a liquor store -- it doesn't require much talent.

When it was over $100 I could empathize with you. But now you'really just being cheap or stupid.
I am cheap and pretty desperate, I admit.

Besides, people here mostly make their alcohol at home (Eat your heart out, European Union!), so there's not many liquor stores I can rob. Even if I do rob a liquor store, it won't take forces of the law too long to put me in jail, since everyone knows everyone else very well in a little town I live in and someone is bound to recognize me (even if I, fashionably, put a Richard Nixon mask on in order to commit a robbery).

Then again, maybe they have King of the Underground in the local prison library... Hmmm....
Thou shalt suffer no longer, honorable inhabitants of the Old World!
I'm going to ask the publisher for delivering my bukstore with it at a reasonable rate. If they agree, the European based cats may order through me. Shipping inside of the EU for this one book from my shop should be covered at 3,- EUR (that is, the real prize makes 3,45 EUR for sendings under 500g, but I don't even take the full amount of my shipping-cost back from my customers, ever).
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I still must have one or two copies of it from my stock of the old shop. Not sure yet and not at home for quite a while, so can't look it up now.

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