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no poems anywhere in the forum?

i thought it was sth bukowski fans might be able to relate to.

actually i wanted to send it to linda bukowski and hence discovered your site.

i can understand why you'd want to keep poems out. there's a whole section for poems on the leonard cohen files forum and it's mostly a circle jerk.

but if i do say so myself that poem ain't too bad and it's all about buk.

There are many writing websites out there where you can post your poems to be jerked off or insulted depending on how you stand with the powers that be....

I believe that they closed the one thread for posting poems on this site.

Still, it being your first poem is a bad sign. Nothing personal, but some people sign up here only to promote their writing or themselves. I'm not accusing you of that, I'm just saying.

If you know Linda, maybe send it to her.

I read it before it was removed and thought it was actually pretty good. But, you know, this is just not the place for it.

Welcome to the forum.
I don't know Linda. I think you meant it being my first post, not poem, right? Maybe it is a bad sign. I'm not here to learn about Buk or connect with other fans. Just thought someone might dig it. I guess I put it in the wrong place. Oh well, no harm done.
I guess that if you are not here to teach or learn about Buk or to connect with other fans then the only reason that you joined is to promote your work? I guess that is what I meant.

Many people join for this reason, but few are so up front as to say that they are not interested in us unless it involves you and your writing.

Ugh; another awkward beginning. Jim, just know that we (and I speak for myself, because I'm not part of any moderation here) have seen too many poems posted here that just bring bile to the tonsils. So, we ask folks not to do so, just as a preemptive strike, so to speak.

I didn't see your poem, but we've a rule on that, so there it is (and you indicated that you get that, so great). If you really don't care about learning about Buk, or digging into the various volumes and whatnot, maybe this isn't the right place for you. But if you'd like to share what you like or dislike about Buk, please feel free.

You hit a roadblock straight off the bat, but maybe you can find a smooth sidewalk if you'd like. It's right there in front of you.

I, for one, would throw you the benefit of the doubt if you'd care to dig in and see what all there is to offer here. Check the attitude at the door for a while; or not. Your choice, of course.

There is room for attitude here; but one needs to slither into a bit of a position, as it were. Pay one's dues.

Hang in there would be the "take home message."
what attitude? i posted a poem. it got erased. i have looked thru the site a bit and am glad it's here. enjoyed the photos and buks poems. as i said earlier i can completely understand the rule against poems. thought some of you might enjoy it, but it'll get out through other channels eventually if it's any good. you must have mistook the tone in my yay! bonus points remark. it was just a joke. yeah i'm honest, but where can i spend my bonus points? don't be so touchy, eh.
By bonus points, I meant, you are probably a good person and should be treated nicely. They did close the thread where people posted their poems.
I don't even know what that means. "Something"? (Oh, that's funny, I just noticed "sth" is a link in his post. Big time saver there, when you have to link to definitions of your idiot words.)

Anyway, as for a ban, do you really want to force people to type out the whole word? Jesus christ, man, you are brutal.

It so much easier to type like a moron. I mean, prolly is infinitely more spellable than probably. To spell the whole out properly is two extra letters! Who has time for that?! Do you realize how much time you save in the average year using 'prolly'? Minutes, my friend. Entire minutes. And you get to look like a knuckle-dragging douchebag as an added bonus.

So, no, I'm afraid I cannot, in good conscience, ban such modern, time saving advances.
I just noticed "sth" is a link in his post. Big time saver there, when you have to link to definitions of your idiot words.)

Sorry, my editorial baaaaAd... :(

I like another definition better - Sonic The Hedgehog. Surely, that's what was meant?
So, no, I'm afraid I cannot, in good conscience, ban such modern, time saving advances.
Hey man! I thought time was meant to be wasted? Isn't that why we're all logged on here?

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