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i'm sure bill and some other collectors can fill you in on that guy. several years ago he bought up every high end buk item on ebay, paying top dollar while doing so....
i was taken out more than a few times by him.
I visited Abandoned Planet right before I came out to Portland and didn't see any Buk stuff. Though I suppose I wasn't really searching for it then... That place seems to have a damn good collection, based on how much of the rare stuff on Ebay comes from there...

I'm jealous. There. I said it.
I'm on it! And then... a race around the world! Hahahahaha!

Oh, hey 200 posts. Cool.

I let one slip a few years back and I've never seen it since.
As soon as one appears, it will be mine, as long as the price is 'honest'.

Congrats on the 200.
Courtesy of Krumhansl:

118 DARKNESS & ICE 1990

First edition:

[In black:] darkness & ice | CHARLES BUKOWSKI | [publisher's device in slate blue] | [in black:] Burn Again Press | Arctic Circle | 1990 [John Martin, Black Sparrow Press, Santa Rosa, California]

1 blank leaf, 2 leaves, 1 unpaginated leaf, 1 blank leaf, 1 leaf. 11 x 8 in. (27.9 x 20.3 cm.) $50. Handbound in gray paper covered boards. A 1 1/2 x 2 3/16 in. (3.8 x 5.6 cm.) white paper label, lettered across in black, is mounted on the front cover. White spine label printed in black, within black rule frame. Black endsheets.

50 signed copies numbered 1-50 were published November 1990.

Colophon: This edition is limited to | fifty numbered copies signed | by the author. This is | Copy No. [numbered in red] | [signed in black]
I think I know who owns that one.

D&I is the same as Red and This.
Only 50 made and seldom on the market - although This seems to be the more readily available of the 3.
They are a poem in a book - 1 poem!
And you can expect to pay around 1300USD for one.
The Burn Again books have a really great logo - Buk's chicken-scratch drawing of a sparrow.
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Me too!
and then....

These hardbacks from buk.net member Hosho (McCreesh) ship out on Tuesday.

And yes, those covers were hand painted in acrylics by the author.

Thanks fior the Darkness & Ice citation & image -- you guys are wonderful.

Bill: Yikes! That is one beautiful book! Glad as hell I opened my wallet (moths flew out) on the hardcover. Gorgeous! Kudos to you and Hosho.
Thanks. It turned out well. I'm spending a nice Sunday night trying to get these ready. This is the second hardback from BoSP. These sell out well in advance of the release date. Anyone intereested in the next few releases should e-mail me to be put on the list. Father Luke's book sold out in hours (10 copies) and this book by Hosho took about a day to sell out.

That would be:
in order of appearance. . .

The pages turned to dust - Father Luke
Her a short story - by Soheyl Dahi
Marching Unabached Into The Weeping, Searing Sun... Hosho McCreesh
does anyone have a link to an image of the bukowski drawn black sparrow? i recall seeing it in the past but have no idea where. i think it would make a good tattoo....
two options for ya!

CIMG0186.JPG Bukowski_bird_drawing.jpg
PM me if you want a clearer, larger image of the red one.
I'll email it to you.

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