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This - Burn Again Press (1 Viewer)

Here's the first page of the limited edition this:

Thank you, mjp, I saw that on this thread and that's why I want to read the rest. I don't have $1150 plus shipping and fees.

I may have read it, but I don't know where. Oh I should have said, "I may have read "This", but I don't know where.
A good point

in this issue, Bukowski was trying to forge his own signature. methinks.

Hi Roni,

My thoughts exactly. The book itself is a beautiful production, but the signature, while supposedly genuine, is not satisfying to me. I think they should go together and they usually do. In this case, it's too sharp, compressed and jagged compared to the other more convincing signatures of the Great One I've seen on other signed editions posted by the collectors here. Nevertheless, because of the books rarity, I would guess there will be few protests about the signature in the marketplace, especially when there's little or no opportunity to compare this one to the others in this series of 50. Just felt like commenting on my first impression and your observation. Anyway, I didn't care for the signature as much as the book and the fine poem. If anyone had the right to comment on talent vs. the talentless, it was Bukowski. Just passing through and saying hello.

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