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hello. i've been reading Hank for about ten years now. i stumbled upon PULP while i at a local bookstore in denver called The Tattered Cover and wanted to buy something but didn't know what. i liked the cover but it didn't describe the novel's plot or the author. i liked the first few paragraph's so i asked the guy working there if he'd ever heard about the author at all. "Oh yea..." he said. "I've know about Bukowski." he didn't seem like a fan, but i could tell by his reaction that this author was notorious for something, so i bought the book. it was funny. a while later, i got Notes Of a Dirty Old Man and was hooked.

i stumbled upon this site by accident and didn't bother to join the forum for a year or so. i'm bored, drinking, and recently bought Portions from a Wine-Stained Notebook, which apparently is a new release. i'm glad i found it. its reinvigerated (sp?) my interest in Hank for the fall season.

oh yea, my name is marc. i'm 28. i live in denver. i work too much and don't drink or fuck enough. i'm just like america.
Welcome, Marc. You sound perfectly normal. Most of us can't spell either. Keep us posted with your thoughts about our favorite writer.
Have a beer. There's a bowl of pretzels at the end of the bar... oh... and avoid the pork rinds... they're rancid.
take the time to read through this forum - no matter how old the threads seem to be: a GREAT LOT of them are well worth the effort!
i'm saving money so i'm avoiding the bar and drinking at home.

nothing else to do except post on here.

its better than being on myspace, thats for fuckin' sure.

and now my avatar is working.

these two boots of mine!
(anyone know the band and song that's from is officially forever awesome in my book...unless you're an asshat.)
I'm a dude, dude. But good to meet you all the same.

shit. thought marina would be fem. sorry 'bout that.

Whoa. I kinda assumed you were a chick too--and I live in LA! I think it's the Marina--Buks daughters name and all.

Maybe we should refer to you as Marino del Rey from here on out.

I watched all of those guys being nice to you and knew. Now that's funny again and funnier than when a guy tries to act like he's a girl-on line.

The three young dogs, Mad dog Rey, Marco I G and the City of Bill. The corgis name is Bill.
You guys should be friends. The pack. Please accept the invitation.
LoL! Sausage fest? Weiners it is.

Oh, just another of the many reasons we're glad Father Luke is back, more tales of the adventures of Extreme Elvis. It warms my heart every time I hear those stories-and pictures too.
I can always count on him to take the attention away from an offensive photo of a girl doing a double down with a pair jumbo Coney Island weiners.
Where's the video ??? Right here

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