"My ambition is handicapped by my laziness" (1 Viewer)


stop the penistry
from Factotum... that line pretty much sums me up!
i got a bit carried away with excitement yesterday when i found this site and immediately registered and posted to a different thread before i discovered there was an intro thread...
my name's Justine, i'm from New Zealand, i'm 27.

read my first Buk on thursday - Factotum, and it blew me away. now i'm addicted. and very excited that there's such a friendly forum for like-minded individuals.

is it appropriate to list one's other favourite authors here? hell, here goes: Salinger, Raymond Carver, Denis Johnson, Richard Ford, Phillip Roth, Plath, Fitzgerald, Tim O'Brien, Alice Munro... there's more but that's who i've been reading lately.

what else is said in these things? ....I'm a Sagittarian and i like long walks on the beach :rolleyes:
and i'm an English Lit student...
your entheusiasm is very, very refreshing.

Look into picking up any of the three novels by Dan Fante. I would wager that you would love those. Also, his book of short stories is great, too.

As far as the concern of "running out" of Bukowski to read... No worries. Once you are done with the 20-30 volumes, you can revisit them. Many of them will grow on you even more on the second reading!

Have you read any of the books of poems by Buk? Many of them are written in the same style as the books and stories. All together (poems, stories, novels, columns), they really create what is a 3' thick autobiography (with a sprinkling of fantasy, of course.) But then what autobiography is 100% accurate?


i googled "bukowski, charles" the day after i read Factotum; Buk.net was the second listing in the results :)

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