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Officials say drugs may have played a part
As an early-years Tom Waits fan and a whatever-year-it-was Buk fan, I was happy to come across this: Sunset Palms Hotel, Volume Two, Spring 1974, Number 4.

sunset4.jpgsunset.jpg sunset2.jpg sunset3.jpg

No poems by Buk, but three nice drawings, including the cover. The Waits part is the last poem in the issue, a later version of Diamonds On My Windshield.

I'm surprised the Waits fans have not found this yet. They are on par with Bukowski fans and love anything Waits in print -- and pay through the nose.

Here's a little history on the Waits poem/song:
http://www.tomwaitsfan.com/tom waits library/www.tomwaitslibrary.com/lyrics/theheartofsaturdaynight/diamondsonmywindshield.html
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Tom Waits was published in the latest issue of Bagazine from X-Ray Book Co. It was a notebook excerpt. All copies are sold out. Others in the issue are:

Mark Mothersbaugh (Letterpress Print, signed)
Jason Davis (Letterpress Print, Signed)
F.N. Wright (Letterpress printed poem, signed. This was his last signed piece as he died before this came out)
Bill Roberts (Cyanotype of John Brown, Signed)
Ben Blackwell (playable 33 1/3 RPM record cut on a piece of x-ray film)
Richard Hell (Journal Entry, Printed letterpress, Signed)

Plus A bunch of others. No surprise it sold out so fast. Anyone interested in the next issue should keep an eye out. No idea when or if he'll do another one, but here's hoping. I have all 5 issues and have been in a few.


p.s. You can see my piece here, along with Blackwell's record and behind that Mothersbaugh's print... This seems to be a photo by X-Ray Book Co....

bagazine 5.jpg
I realize this is not the Tom Waits forum, but I'll add two more.

True Confessions By Tom Waits, a conversation with himself, 2008, X-RAY Book CO.
This was limited to 5,000 copies and sold for a whopping $10 on the Glitter and Doom Tour. I did not know anything about X-RAY Books at the time or I would have bought 10 instead of 2. If anyone is interested in doing a trade for one of my copies, I'd be interested in something Bukowski or Waits. They go for $50-$75 on eBay.

Seeds on Hard Ground by Tom Waits, 2011, X-RAY Book CO.
This was limited to 1,000 first editions and 1,000 second editions. The first sold out in a couple of hours, but thankfully they did a second that sold out just as fast. By this time I knew about X-RAY Book CO., but they sold for $35, so I only bought 1. The nice part is all proceeds went to a local foodbank in Tom's hometown.


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