walking on egg shells (1 Viewer)

i'm hated by most of my co-workers..etc.
i used to be a roll over-pleaser-who drank too much whiskey, read too much bukowski, now i'm a jerk.

i'm not really a jerk, i feel good with who i am, but i do make people feel bad now.
i point out when they are wrong, i also point out when i fuck up.

argh life, i'm twenty-six. i used to be the person who was nice,
even if you said a racist joke.

now i call you out, make you feel like an ignorant idiot.

i just lose friends.... i can't dance to your songs.

i feel alone.

in a way, i want to quit my job, but i feel that will let them win,
also i'm helping my mom make rent with my paychecks.

i'd give up a lot.

i feel i am right, people have bad views in life.

fuck it.

the world is inferno.

cry for love/help?

i'll love and help myself.

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