Was Bukowski bisexual? (2 Viewers)

There's the same controversy about Hemingway: outwardly "macho" but "really" sensitive, etc...Male heterosexual strutting and bragging about sexual prowess as compensatory cover-up for actual insecurity in the realm of male-female "relationships" etc etc. You can expend LOTS of psychobabble on this stuff....

Of course if you read Buk carefully, he's ALWAYS showing his sensitivity...
He was obviously, 'live and let live guy,' and besides that secure enough in his own sexuality that he didn't react in, your typical American Homophobe way toward gays.
He didn't hate them, he didn't love them, he stated once. He may be irked buy the fact that at the time a lot of fags were -published- poets, while he struggled. Bi-sexual, that didn't act on it? I don't think so.
If he was sober, then I dunno...but if he was drunk I don't think it means anything. It's not all that odd if somebody does something like that while he's drunk. Alcohol makes weard things happen.

lol. true.
ive kissed my friends while we were all drunk =D it was all a jolly good time.

even if buk wasn't gay, i don't think he had a problem with gays.
Hey Anna, I'm an old happily married codger, but I'll bet some of the younger single fellas here would like to see that! Please let them know the next time you're feeling drunk and jolly! :)
heh. indeed they can.

i'm not sure if someone deleted my post..? i posted something yesterday but i checked today and it wasn't there anymore. lol.
I think the buk was just an ubersexual. I mean, For christ sakes, he wrote about cutting his cock while trying to fuck a vase. he lost his virginity to a 300 lb whore... it wouldn't surpise me if he volentarily put it in a few guys...
I am bi and what's the point?
Was Bukowski bi?
Not to offend anybody, but I think the interest in and controversy about
someone's sexual orientation is a result of christianity.Sex is bad and you
better had no vagina or penis at all,dirty,you know what I mean?
Cultures from the past had a much more natural sex life and no brainwashing
There was always heterosexuality, homosexuality,bisexuality since the beginning
of man and will be there until mankind dies.
Like we have to breathe air,eat food and drink.
According to a Danish scholar, Von Rosen (himself homosexual), homosexuality was virtually unknown before big cities were created in the 19th century. With the big cities came the homosexual sub-culture (think Oscar Wilde f.ex.). Von Rosen studied the subject and wrote a book about it. He found that homosexuality was first mentioned in the newspapers in the 1860s - 1870s, and he said that if homosexuality existed before that, it would have been possible to find evidence of it in old writings, songs etc., but thats not the case. Before the 19th century, the only homosexuality people knew about was from ancient Greece etc. thousands of years ago.
When did he write that, in the 1950's? It sounds like something from a scratchy black and white government propaganda film. I think Mr. Von Rosen is more than a little crazy.
Maybe he's crazy. I don't know. I heard him being interviewed in a radio program in the eighties. He had written a dissertation about it. He said homosexuality was not a common thing before the big cities came about in the 19th century, and that it wasn't mentioned in the newspapers before that time. That's what he said and he's gay himself. I don't know if he's right or wrong...
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There is even homosexuality in the animal world (I know that humans are animals, but I mean OTHER animals). I somehow doubt that they were converted to homosexuality by Elton John and Ellen DeGerenes. It is far more rare in wild animals, but does happen and humans are sexual beings where other many other animals are in it for the passing on of their genes.

Being homosexual doesn't give Von Rosen any special insight into history, and his work being a dissertation doesn't make it valid or true. To claim that cities somehow created homosexuality is idiotic, whoever says it.

That sounds like something Sarah Palin or some other right wing Jesus nut would say. That's proof that it's idiotic right there. ;)

Remember, there are gay nuts too.

So to speak.
We're gonna need to start an Oak Tree translation thread here. If not, start interviewing squirrels. (That would make about as much sense.) I'll have to check my notes, but didn't Sarah recommend that? After all, she can see squirrels from her back yard...
Being homosexual doesn't give Von Rosen any special insight into history, and his work being a dissertation doesn't make it valid or true.
I agree. It sounds weird. I've checked the net. Lots of people seems to disagree with him. He uses something called the "constructionistic hypothesis", claiming that homosexuality is a modern phenomenon related to big cities. Here's a link about the whole thing. It's in Danish, but maybe you use a translation machine:

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I have to correct myself:NOT boring.
Maybe I was pissed off a bit because there's such a lot of fuss about homo and bi and I was like "Nooo,not again!".I just don't like it to be something special,but normal.
Jimmy Snerp, I was thinking about the area I am in and not the Sudan,my view on the effect of christianity wasn't meant in a worldwide way.
By the way,I've seen male ducks fucking each other,not to mention Spike the dog who fucked every dog,no matter if he or she although he was castrated.
And if the bonobos are closest to us,I see a lot of things in common.
They fuck for every reason,don't we?
Maybe HenryChinaski doesn't like to think about the possibility of Bukowski partaking in any man-on-man action. Heh.

I heard from an *UNCONFIRMED* source that after Buk good-naturley insulted Ginsberg (where he told him he hasn't written anything worth of shit since "Howl"), they went back to Buk's place where Ginsberg them blew him and Buk passiontly plowed him.

I'll look online for photo proof.
so, you won't wait for me to come up with a nice make-up?
hey, c'mon!

You cats are very fast these days with locking threads!
(what about that FL-thing for example?!? I don't see the reason.)
Come on man, you must be thinking of some German forum! We hardly ever lock threads. That should be obvious by all the newbies running around lately opening two year old threads.

But this being in the "spotlight" forum and all, I would prefer it didn't degenerate any further than it already has, and I think a photoshop creation at this point would put us over the tipping point.
what do politics, religion, racism or gender always have to interfere with art for chrissake? ;)
We always seem to have the need to exult through other people's differences.
Why not create our own thoughts and enjoy being alive with our own faculties while we can?

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