Was Bukowski bisexual? (1 Viewer)

He didn't hold much back in the writing, so I can't see him really hiding too much. But on the other hand, he built and maintained the IMAGE. And I'm sure that to him, any kind of frisky behavior with another dude was probably way, way outside the image.

Who knows.

People do crazy unimagionable things when they think the curtins are closed. Only the actions that other people bare witness to are used to pass judgement. All those things that people want to think are important are more of some kind of homophobic obsession in their own mind. I think to question if B was " dippin his sugar stick into new and even more exciting flavers" Is completly irrelvient. If it adds anything to the senerio it would be just a little more meat to pick off his bones!!
Well, Charles Bukowski pretty much alluded to the fact that he tried some dick in his day and was told to keep it under wraps.

Here is a section from "The Most Beautiful Woman in Town" story "Ten Jack-Offs"

"I maybe writing this down by myself, leaving a few things out (I have been threatened by various powerful forces for doing things that are only normal and gaga gladful to do)
and I get into my eleven year old car​
and now I have driven away​
find myself here​
and write you here a little illegal story of​
beyond myself​
but, perhaps, understandable to​
yours truly,​
Sanchez and Bukowski​
p.s. "” this time the Heat missed. don't keep more than you can swallow: love, heat or hate."​
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