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If we all agree Ben Pleasants was speculating and sensationalizing then let's put this and the other threads to rest. Bukowski was not a n*zi and the rest is just bullshit. There are so many other very nice things and not so nice things to go on about.
has anyone taken into account that when the nazis were in power Hank was a very young man--a teenager when Hitler became chancellor--and had a strong, domineering German-American father and a German mother, and perhaps that youthful ignorance may have had SOMETHING to do with his joining a pro-Nazi group? hell, when i was 18 i thought Communism was cool...that's part of getting older, isn't it? (i'm only 28, many of you are much older than me. i find it hard to believe you weren't ignorant or misinformed in your own youth, as well.)
when i was 18 i thought Communism was cool...

There goes the value of your house. . .
... i find it hard to believe you weren't ignorant or misinformed in your own youth, as well.

i was in the anti-nukes-movement when i was 17.
i Never ever believed in anything right from the middle-left nor far left of that.
at age 12, i started drawing comics (aka graphic novels) about aliens that come to visit the earth and are so disgusted by what happens here, they vomit or try to escape or commit suicide (depends on the episode)

but - i can't write decent poetry.
...about aliens that come to visit the earth and are so disgusted by what happens here, they vomit or try to escape or commit suicide (depends on the episode) ...

Made me think of Petey and Jaydee, although they're completely nothing like what you were talking about roni.
Maybe I don't get the point of what this is all about, but if someone calls Bukowski a Nazi, you might as well call him chauvinist and sexist.But that would be not scratching the surface.My mother has german roots and was a child when the Nazis took over Germany, my father's roots go back to Mongolia (if that is written correct,I mean the asian country) and he was born in Libau.I was born in Germany and I think there are bigger problems than tossing about whether Bukowski was nazi or not.
Don't get me wrong, you may think about it all day long, in the end I really don't care.
But what about real threats? In this country I live in there still is so much right wing shit happening,like Neo Nazis demonstrating in Dortmund last year.2500 idiots were marching through the streets,there were police fences everywhere to keep them seperated from the rest of the streets and Antifascists to avoid a violent escalation.The police was EVERYWHERE in armour suits and directed people where to go,I don't know how many weren't allowed to go to their houses or shopping malls,the town was totally fenced in the centre to pave a way for the Neo Nazis to walk on without having contact to anyone not involved with their demonstration.I mean,come on,the citizens couldn't walk free in their own town.There was no violence in the end,but the year before the city burned.
Two years before that,a streetpunk was killed with a knife by a 17 year old Neo Nazi.When friends of the victim gathered later at the place he died they were attacked by Neo Nazis ready for hospital.
I mean,this REALLY happens.
Bukowski was a left handed homosexual nazi. And now that's settled, perhaps we could move on...:cool:
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I guess since he didnt really want to be part of any crowd and everybody else in his school was all ANTI NAZI...he decided to go against the grain.
I'd guess - given the setting for Ham on Rye - that he probably saw the anti-Nazi feeling in the US for what it was, i.e. propaganda. The atrocities they committed wouldn't have been known then. I think he was far too nihilistic to throw his lot in with any movement though, least of all the Nazis.
Further: A non jew is someone not jewish. Why is that so hard to grasp?

You also call every single christian man around a fucking moron since they worship a jew and thus must be jewish themselves. This is just amateurish, at best. Read the new testament before you say such things. Using that logic all christians should hate jews since the jews killed Jesus then, right? Of course not.

You claim jews are the most hated people on earth. No, they're not. Muslims are way more stigmatized than you guys. But I have to admit, that whole Israel thing you guys got going kinda pisses me off. Isrealic jews treat muslims much the same way nazis treated jews. Ironic? You be the judge.

Okay, so being 1/8th of a jew does not make you a jew. Why are you rambling on about this here on Bukowski.net? What on earth does this have anything to do with whether or not buk was a nazi? Or are you just boasting your own heritage?
Sorry to disagree but Christians basically are Jews in the spiritual sense. It’s just that the Italians changed the religion into the murderous medieval cult we all know way back in the fourth century. In the political sense, Christians are Nazis or fascist if you prefer, as are the Muzz and Israelis.

Nazi Germany was far and away the most Catholic nation in Europe in terms of demographics. Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels all raised Catholic.

Bukowski family would definitely had been Nazi like all Catholic Germans had they not emigrate.

Actually you could easily be considered a Jew at 1/8, I don’t know what that guy was smoking. Lenin could have been considered a Jew through his maternal grandmother. Stalin suppressed the details of his ancestry because he knew that would have been a problem for the Russians who mostly despised Jews.

As for Bukowski being a Nazi, that is a stupid claim, he was rejected by the Army and would have fought Hitler.
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Bukowski's career as a paid writer began with Open City Newspaper, which was amongst other things, a very political paper. He completely ignored the 60's politically, and had disdain for politics/politicians.

That said: what ever happened to his iron cross?

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