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Have we lost a part of our souls to the devil? I mean... I always kept Bukowski to myself and what I generally read, people know nothing of. It came to me yesterday... (why not?) to make three of mine read some poems and some excerpts of Buks' After all three of them finished reading, all of 'em said it was mediocre and what seems to be 'typing' :abge: So let met ask you this, does it require something special to like his writing? I mean, everything he puts into words does something to me, the form, the style, the content and so on.

I always knew they wouldn't like it as much as me or not find it special but 'mediocre' ... What are we really?
There's lots of people who don't "get" Bukowski. Maybe liking Bukowski's writing is an acquired taste.
For me, I can relate to what I've read so far, not that I've read that much from Buk but I can relate to it. Also, whenever I try and share something I feel passionate about with others that I hope may feel the same, but don't, I feel an emptiness inside.
What are we really?
Don't know about the rest of the gang, but I'm (a) weird(o).
It's been said that if you visit this place...
... all indications are that you are not normal at all. Why else would you be here?
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