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alcohol, mmmm

I've really enjoyed a lot of low-end beers in my day--Schlitz, PBR, Olympia...."It's the water!" "The Champagne of Beers." I love that shit. Makes me think of my dead (not dear) old man, old bars, the 1970's 80's 90's etc etc. I think for the money they're not bad at all. But then again again, I always drank 'em to get drunk on, not sip at like a good wine. (I'll slug that too tho' when the moment's right.) But Coors Light? I hate that shit. Any light beer for that matter. Just an opinion, sailors, don't get all pissy on me. Gawd! Coors Light tho'. Awful. Worse, even, then Milwaukee's Best, and that is the true ass-end of the shit beers. But not as bad as ABC. I think that stuff used to cost like 4 bucks a case at Florida ABC Liquor stores. Pretty much like that black and white stuff labelled "Beer".

Right now I've got a tallboy of Kronenbourg near the typer. Not a fancy import where I'm at. Beer snobs would sniff their noses but I don't care--they go for 1664 and Leffe. I loves me the Fat Tire, the Anchor Steam, Guiness, Harp, XX, etc but that shit ain't found where I'm at now. We gotta go with Belgian beers if we want to go upscale and brothers and sisters, my wallet's so flat I use it to jimmy open other peoples' doors to steal theirs. Not really. Belgian beer, as I was saying, is just too damn sweet for me. I gots to drink it dry, like German beer. Yum.

God I love beer.

Someone mentioned buk liking a "sweet" German white wine. I though he liked it dry as yr granny's snatch. My preference, so perhaps I'm projecting. I remember he liked the Riesling though, seem to remember he did the Heineken thing in the Bukowki Tapes and early on in it seemed to be red wine, lots of cheap red wine. Woe to ye who go that route. Cheap red wine.

Still, vodka, rum, beer, wine, whisky, tequila, gine, etc etc. I've run all the phases. Now it's mostly beer and wine and whisky, the occasional gin, the occasional rum stuffed with fruit. Oh and eau de vie. Can't forget that.

I love alcohol.

As a drunk I used to know once told me as I was extolling the virtues of weed: "You'll always come back to this" holding up beer bottle.

He was right.

Not a very edifying post, but true nonetheless.
another cartoonist

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Yes, They had Lowenbrau in his neighborhood in those days. But Lowenbrau didn't even become readily available until the mid-seventies???
Yes they had it in Europe, but I'm talkin' here.
I hope so! That's a good beer!
Do you happen to know where Buk talks about Tuborg?
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or from an empty grape jelly glass!
i'm drinking from the bottle right now.. is there a reason people drink wine from the glass? earnestly

I'm more utilitarian and don't care for the fancy "experience" of wine. I drink my wine out of a coffee cup. I'm a bit clumsy when sober and when drinking, forget about it. There been too many shattered wine glasses, with tiny shards you can only find when your barefoot. and when your drinking you hardly ever feel it, so you wake up to a house with bloody foot prints, like a scooby doo cartoon. and I'm not about to wear steel toed shoes and safety glasses when drinking. a solid coffee cup is nearly unbreakable. And the handle is extremely handy for a drunk. The design of the wine glass makes no sense to me, probably invented by winemakers who count on you spilling and then having to buy more wine. They feed you a line of shit about "letting it breathe" and smelling the aromatic bouquet. The only more ridiculous glass for a drunk is the martini glass.
This was all pretty interesting, but I have to think that the idea of someone celebrating him by copying him would make Bukowski puke.

I think the best way to toast the Buk would be to drink whatever YOU enjoy most!

All that "Don't Try" and all, you know! :D

Did someone suggest he didn't drink alcohol and only wrote of it as an affectation? I find that hard to believe.
I saw him drinking Millers mostly, and once at a bar, whiskey. Don't know what brand. He got nasty shortly afterwards. On that occasion, I wish he'd have stayed with the beer. It was always beer out of the bottle, which is the only way to go. Pouring it in a glass kills the flavor.

Personally, I can't drink red wine any more. I get horrible headaches the next day -- like a food alergy. Just white wine for me, and beer.
Hi everybody,

I'm from Mexico, and I only have 2 things to say, first I agree with stimso, I hate coors too. I grew up in a little town near Mexico City. Here, All liquor store could sell beer at kids. I remember that I bought my first beer bottle when I was 13, And that was a Corona. For my the best beer in the world is mexican's beer. I had drunk many kind of beer across world but for me there is not other like "Negra Modelo" or "Bohemia". I think there are many beers very good, (Heineken for example) but are so sweet for me. But in special "Light coors"(What's that??) or "Butweiser" are like a glass of water for me.

This is my first post in this forum. I am a Bukowsky fan, I have read for long time this forum but I never had tried to write something because I think that my level of english is not enough for this kind of forums. But I am going to try it!!!

I had said.

Hey, OcarIn, dont' worry you were easy to understand, welcome.

Bohemia is a great Mexican beer, I read it was produced when Mexico was occupied by the area known as Bohemia, which is now the Czech republic, which has a great beer history. They're supposed to have invented the process of making lager that is most commonly used today.

Tecate I like a lot, also. There's a lot of good Mexican beers.
Bohemia Beer history

The name Bohemia comes from the Czech Eastern Bohemia region. The Czech Emperor in Vienna sent a Czech brewmaster to Mexico to teach the Mexicans how to brew beer. Bohemia Beer was originally launched into the market at the turn of the 20th century. Bohemia Beer is a premium lager with a reputation for quality. Then Slimdog is right!!!

I had said

So from what I gather Miller from the bottle was Buk's preferred method of beer drinking? of course if one wants to drink, drink whatever's available but...
Well, in the Stonecloud interview from 1972, we have the following: "We sat in chairs and finished off three or four quarts of Schlitz and Miller beer in the course of the interview."

Miller and Schlitz are the ones I see mentioned most often, but I do recall seeing a few pictures of him drinking Beck's. In fact, I've been watching The Charles Bukowski Tapes again and Buk's definitely got some!

Does anyone remember the interview or article where he mentions how beer should be kept to maintain its taste? I vaguely remember him saying it needs to be kept in dark bottles and in a dark and cool place. The bit I described is common knowledge to just about anyone who drinks beer, but I feel as if he gave some other good tips. Anyway, it would be a cool piece to read again. Does it ring a bell?

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