What Do You Wish For The New Year? (1 Viewer)

This is a thread to put your wishes and dreams for the New Year. These are some of mine.

I wish that all people of all races, creeds and religious beliefs will live in harmony across the world.

I wish that everyone can find there true way in a better America and have a proud belief in who they are and what we stand for.

I wish that all peoples of the world will join hands in a celebration of patriotism and joy and a love of all that God has given us and his creatures.

Now please add yours.

I am on acid.


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I wish that John Frusciante, Julian Casablancas and most of all, Jack White will be recognized as the true geniuses that they are, oh and that vinyl will be the only medium that all music is released on, going forward...Oh, that and that the one I was talking to/texting for the last three hours knows how much she truly means to me, yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.

Happy new years!
I wish there was no mainstream. Just a stream with pretty fishes and clean water.
I wish people were truly tolerant of others. Or that the people that we have to tolerate would get a clue.
And i agree with hooch I also wish for a pony, except it should change colors every day of the week. That would be cool.


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oooo, I want the changing colours pony!

is there more than one?

and, you know, world peace.
I think there might be only one more and the gift tag say Hoochmonkey9!
But of course, if you wish for it, anything is possible. Well that is the wish!


more crickets than friends
Hooch, is this the one you mean? Cause I think I got one in the closet, was ready to throw it up on eBay, but if you really want it....



It is what it is
I wish for a billion more wishes.

Then I could buy and sell all you pony loving fags.

And world peace.
Well, we got two votes for world peace and two for ponies and Buk becoming mainstream-then one for rock guitarists getting noticed and one for everyone choking on ashes or something. Hopefully, all of these will come true.


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My two front teeth.. Oh wait... that was last week. Ok then, I guess I wish for world peace too. oh, and no borders...
So what is it folks, seems like it's world peace or multi colored ponies. Yeah, it'd be great if we could have both but history has shown that both have not existed at the same time.

I guess we can all dream about a cream colored pony horse that we all ride up into the sky, toward a peaceful reunion of all the peoples of life in an overflowing embrace of love.

I am on acid.
We should see a 2010 where swarms of multicoloured ponys are ridden by fag rock guitarists who play deliberating songs about true tolerance, hundreds and thousands of them flying on pegasus wings above the burning gods of self-centered paranoia and their disciples choking on the ashes.

It would be world peace.

in my opinion

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So what is it folks, seems like it's world peace or multi colored ponies. Yeah, it'd be great if we could have both but history has shown that both have not existed at the same time.
I am on acid.
Acid should temporarely bring the 2 together. Maybe it hasn't yet kicked in.:D

my-little-pony 2.jpg
I wish everyone would take acid and then blow the world to pieces!

And that Mark guy should be the one in charge after all that.

(and of course, everyone gets a rainbow colored pony of their very own)
Obliteration of the human race by the rainbow coloured pony riders!

For world peace!

I'll take the blame in front of that God guy, Buddha, Mohammed or what's his name, he'll be on our side after all.

Let the Flaming Ponies bring justice!

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