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Left the loop with three regulars. Uneventful. An hour later the loonies were starting to migrate toward pure unhappiness. One guy, who told me he'd tried to break up with his girl friend (happy new year!), who was on the bus with him at that moment, was trying to apologize to me and the few people on the bus for an outburst of what he would have said to the transit cops if they'd found the bottle his soon-to-be-ex-girl friend ditched for him, thus saving his ass. Transit cops love it when people give them an excuse to be hairy knuckled morons.

They got off. Another seriously inebriated lout got on a couple stops later wishing everyone a happy new year, shifting from seat to seat. He got off as well with no noses being disjointed. (Happy new year passengers get to that point much quicker than, say, Monday evening passengers, except when Monday evening passengers are drunk. After all, it's Monday, let's celebrate with a drunk, a fuck and a fight.)

All that in less than ten minutes. Glad it ended soon after that. There are zeros, even as I type, being transported out of the downtown shit hole to the suburban shit hole. A game of checkers if you will, moving zeros from nowhere to nowhere. And I'm glad I'm not there to witness it. Been there, seen that.

But, alas, no big assed broad dropping her pants to moon me like one did last Friday night. She was wearing a dark blue thong....and I've only had one Heineken.
As stated before, I chose to stay in last night. No imbibing for me, so my only impairment was/is from cold medicine. At midnight, I was trying to calm and re-assure my cat that there was no harm from the loud fireworks booming throughout the neighborhood. Then I broke out some salami and cheese, which we both enjoyed. He is now 15 years old, and I don't know how many NYE's he has left, but this was a good one. We both dozed off as the little b&w TV glowed with scenes of celebration from around the world. And this morning there is about 3 inches of snow on the ground. Happy New Year.
I'm not really a New Year person, but even so I'd like to wish a Happy New Year to all Forum readers and posters.
I hate to be this way, but seriously? Who needs television
when this shit is right outside your window

You certainly got a valid point there! It looks even crazier than Moe's Bar in The Simpsons...:D
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All eigtheen seasons? You lucky son of of a gun! Incredible that you have'nt seen any of the episodes before. Where have you been? Living in a cave meditating? You really have something to look forward to! They're hilarious...
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Father Luke - just get the hell out of here. OK ?
I would advise you to take the nearest exit and run as fast as you can immediately.


Because you are in for modern American satire of the funniest order (I didn't say highest, neccesarily)... but Matt Groening - the former underground newspaper cartoonist has two great blessings :



Does this sound contradictory ?
Just watch the episodes, Father ! You will be converted in no time......

Ha ! ;)
One of the writers for the Simpsons was one of the band members from This Is Spinaltap but I can't think of his name just now :confused:
Harry Shearer also provides the voices for Mr. Skinner, Kent Brockman, Mr. Burns, Dr. Hibbert, and Ned Flanders among others.
The Simpsons is miraculous if only because after all these years they continue to poke mercilessly at every sacred American cow they can find. I can't imagine a comedy with live actors getting away with some of the anti-government, anti-family, anti-religious lines that I've heard on the Simpsons. I saw a few minutes of a Friends episode last night and they couldn't even say the word "circumcised." So that cartoon may indeed be our finest example of cultural satire.

Those first couple seasons are spotty though. But they hit their stride a few seasons in, and it has been consistently funny ever since.
I love The Simpsons. But.
What went wrong with the movie?
Just disappointing really. Quality animation, but not a great script. IMHO.
Lucky you! I'm a Sopranos fan. It's one of the best TV series in later years (together with Deadwood), I think. What do you think of it? Do you like it?

I just bought the entire collection. 28 dvd's? Never watched a single episode.
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Start watching it! It's really great! I've answered you in your Mafia thread...
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