What happened when Paul Robinson popped by to respond to his new critics

Gerard K H Love

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Remember, paying attention to someone or talking about them is a form of love. The critic can be good for you if the reader does not like the critic-as in this case. Attention is attention and there is good in all attention. Yeah I've had a bit of red wine.
Paul Robinson came in here to face the fire and gets some credit for that. Maybe he will be better for it. I know I've seen a few people crash, burn and self destruct at this point, yet Paul Robinson is hanging in here fighting and being, so far, civil. That's a good thing. We all love Chris and Hosh and P. R. knows that now. Consider all of the good in all of this. Have a nice weekend.
Well that makes perfect sense.

If I read that correctly, that's an olive branch. Maybe I'm wrong, and that's certainly a genuine possibility. But I've always been an abrasive type and I read that as an attempt to smooth the path, as it were.

In other words: I've had my say; I didn't mean it personally even if I made it so. Hell; I've done that before many times. I'm not defending Paul, because 1) I can't, and 2) he doesn't need me to.

But he's fully capable of being as human as we are. I've criticized his work, for the record. Isn't that why we're here? We certainly aren't here to beat each other off. And both writers in question have been very present to state their position - they seemed to have mild issue with Paul, but no real resentment. But for sure, I cannot speak for them.

I dig Cunningham's and Hosh's book. He doesn't. Rock on.

And how the hell did I get involved with this anyway?
I watched them walk south at the crossroads. I stood there at the junction for a moment...and then headed in my own direction.....

Wishing everyone all the best. See you on the other side......bitches!!!!!!


Sad Flower in the Sand
Man I miss out on all the fun... My offer still stands... if you don't want the copy, I'll gladly take it off your hands... bitches...
No. (To quote you.) Nobility is only earned, and even then so, not necessarily a fair moniker given the way thing transpired. A moniker such as this can only be bestowed after all is said and done.

What we have here is someone who nearly made us believe him (even if we disagreed with him). He sucked me in, only to reveal his true colors in his last post. When all is over, he has no nobility; only cowardice for walking off with "Bitches!!!" as his parting shot.

A real possibility; ruined by a single word. And such a shame it wasn't a complex one, because, well, that's just the way he would have loved it, isn't it?
I must be a glutton for punishment. Damn, I knew I should have put "bitches" in quotes. It was exactly that, an echo of MJP's post and also an echo of the Bukowski style. I still wish everyone all the best in their writing projects. This is my final post on the forum. Any further comments can be made on the article page. Again, all the best.


I don't remember Bukowski calling people Bitches.

Maybe you have him confused with Dave Chappelle, who is very funny.


anais ninja

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i prefer beeotches. or bizzznitches.

of course, i'm from the hard screets of Salt Lake City, Utah, "where bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks!"

Paul, you shoulda capitalized it to let us know what you meant, and how you meant it (kinda like Chris and Hosho did in their letters).
oh, and if you have to explain what you wrote, you probably didn't do your job as a writer.

Mather Schneider

I think it's hilarious that mjp can call this guy a "jealous motherfucker" and a "pretentious twat" and it just gets swept under the rug...but when old Paul says the word "bitches" you all go apeshit! Ha ha, what a bunch of hot house orchids!

Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. Do you even know what they mean by "going apeshit" ?
So, Paul is a good friend of yours?

anais ninja

Fast like a marsupial
Why is Mather's name in italics? It's like it's from another language or something. Odd.

I'm a wild orchid, thank you. Just as delicate, but twice as beautiful and far rarer.


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He's banned, they go into an italic rage when that happens. Their status also becomes, "Circling the drain." I think GKHLove might have been off his medication yesterday.