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What the f*ck? (1 Viewer)


It is what it is
Wow. I bought one of these - unfolded and signed by Montfort - about two years ago for $40.
That price is nuts.


Wow. Still. Good to see a publisher get this kind of dough for what he published, instead of others....

Yes, I have 5 or 6 of thses, nicely rolled in a tube. May be time to break them out.


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Break one this way Bill! Seriously, this is one item I have looked at recently, but I always draw the line at about $20... Now this one's gone for $200? :eek:

I like to hang Bukowski bits on the wall, but I don't have a wall good enough for a $200 poster.

And no TMF in sight :confused:

Hopefully, Scott has many more left and I'll snag one for a more realistic price.

eBay - you just never know do you.


I'll sell you one at a reasonable price. Contact me offlist at bill
@bospress.net. I know that $200 or anything near that is unreasonable. $20 sounds better...



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Of course, it's worth whatever anyone is willing to pay for it, but that's not how I would spend $200 on Bukowski. Makes me sick to think my 2 original letters (one with a good drawing, one mutilated) brought $500 and this poster (must be many out there) brought $200. Crazy. But that's eBay. So unpredictable.

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