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As a "journalist" he should be very embarassed that he could not even get a 7 word poem right and screwed up over half of the words, when it would have taken 2 minutes to google it.
well looks like lo88 never came back...

it's kinda interesting because I have googled stuff before I post, P:
Designing Bukowski T shirt

So I am planning on designing a new Buk T shirt. I don't like using likenesses on t shirts, I never snapped a photo of Buk personally so I don't own any rights to one. Anyway, when I design shirts based on great writers I don't like including pictures of the author. To me we are all fans of the words that were written and not necessarily the face that goes along with them.

If Jessica Alba ever writes a book I'm sure it will be vice versa.

Anyway, I have a graphic of this old, beat up typewriter with a blank sheet coming up out of it. Across the top I have room for two lines of text, beneath it I have room for one line of text and below that I plan on putting in smaller text "Charles Bukowski, Birth date - death date."

Anyone have the quintessential 3 lines of verse that would make the greatest Bukowski T shirt in the history of Bukowski?

I hope this post isn't out of line with MJP

I suppose I'll know for sure if it isn't here tomorrow.

The winning entrant will receive a free T shirt that they designed. If two people submit the same great idea whoever posted first wins.

If this is deleted then the contest is null and void.


"The law is wrong; I am right"
Here's my bid: These words I write keep me from total madness. - Charles Bukowski.
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Well first thing you might want to do, is go over the suggestions already posted earlier in this thread. They are all excellent. It'll be like trying to pick the brightest flower out of acres and acres of planted fields. It's your shirt/design Dude... what's your favorite quote? CRB:)
P.S. Since it might end up being a contest, MY vote is for my signiture quote... " So I thought I really had something. I did, I had lots of trouble."
The Authentic Tee Shirt

Why not just go with the authentic Buk tee and sweat shirts produced in 1982 by Black Sparrow Press with an original caricature of Buk by R. Crumb? They were available in six different colors. In my 31 years of representing BSP as an independent publishers' representative to the book trade, it's the only time I ever saw a group of genteel booksellers push and shove one another at a book show to get one of these while they lasted.

Last year, before I knew about you good people, I sent my remaining 6 sweat shirts to a couple young Buk fans in Atlanta. He and his gf were blown away as I never told them about it in advance. It was my token for having turned down their many pleas to sell them my copy of HORSEMEAT. I have 3 of those never been worn tee shirts remaining.

Nope, they are not for sale! :D


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that's cool and all....

But I'm not about to print :

A) R. Crumb's artwork

B) A graphic I didn't design

C) Black Sparrow's name

Those are very nice garments and I'm sure highly sought after but they aren't exactly condusive to staying out of courtrooms if I reproduced them.

".......Wrong kinds of Bars" and all that you know.

I'm Beginning to think that since the graphic is an old manual typewriter maybe one of Buk's quotes about his typewriter might be in order.

Anybody have any quotes that spring to mind?

If not I suppose I can dig into to "Boardinghouse Madrigals" or "Last Night....Poems"


Those are very nice garments and I'm sure highly sought after but they aren't exactly condusive to staying out of courtrooms if I reproduced them.

...for that matter, reproducing any of Bukowski's words could get you sued by Ecco or the estate, although you have less of a chance than just taking the Crumb/BSP design. Still, his words are protected by copyright and reproducing them is a violation of that.

It does sound like it will be a more attractive design than most of the ones that you find around the net...

So here's what I'm doing

The manual typer is at the bottom of the shirt with a leaf of paper extending from it up and out to the top of the shirt, widening as it goes up. Upon the paper is typed

"I hurled myself toward my personal god: SIMPLICITY. The tighter and smaller you got it the less chance there was of error and the lie. Genius could be the ability to say a profound thing in a simple way.Words were bullets, words were sunbeams, words cracked through doom and damnation.

Charles Bukowski
Birth date-death date
my submissions, if you still want 'em.

"show me a man who lives alone and has a prpetually dirty kitchen, and 5 times out of 9 I'll show you an exceptional man."
--Charles Bukowski, June 27, 1967 over 19th bottle of beer.

"show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually clean kitchen, and 8 times out of 9 I'll show you a man with detestable spiritual qualitieis."
--Charles Bukowski, June 27, 1967 over 20th bottle of beer.

Those two would have to go on the shirt together. Or there's this one from the last line of The Captain Is Out To Lunch...:

"Screw you buddy...I don't like Tolstoy either!"

probably the best exit line to any book I ever seen.


old and in the way
You actually took the (rather crappy) art from a CD cover, changed one word and are selling it as your own tee shirt design?!?

Who the fuck are you? Andy Warhol?
Well, it's just my opinion, of course, but Coors never bothered me so much (well, Coors Light is pretty bad). But regular Coors is rather palitable in certain circumstances. I've never been able to drink any Budweiser product without developing a massive headache within about 20 minutes. Quit that a long time ago.
Yes, I was trying to hide out by having myself declared dead, but you're too smart for that.

And, yeah, I can pretty much put anything on a t shirt you want.

I'm about to start working with Rick Veitch. He illustrated Alan Moore's "Swamp Thing" for D.C. way back in the day and is currently doing "Army@Love" for D.C.

He is also working with a poet named Money, illustrating his poetry for independent release.

In light of R. Crumb's take on Buk's writing, does anyone think any of Buk's other stories lend themselves well to graphic novelization?

Bob Burden has been working with me as well and may be interested in a project.


"The law is wrong; I am right"
In light of R. Crumb's take on Buk's writing, does anyone think any of Buk's other stories lend themselves well to graphic novelization?

Oh yes, many of them could be turned into comic book stories, if not all of them. Schultheiss made two albums full some years ago.



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Sordide Sentimental
Two french comic albums based on Bukowski's work, wow ! I didn't know them ! Thanks Bukfan, I'll try to grab them.
They're not exactly "french". The original is from - guess where - germany!
But I must admit: I don't like the drawings of Schultheiss very much. It just isn't my style in comic books.
Hm, but then - I didn't like 'Crazy Love' either, but everyone else seems to do.
His full name is Mathias Schultheiss.
Have just looked up some info on him.
Must admit, I like the pieces by him, that are on this page, at least a little.
Still I dislike his Bukowski-comics.
(They are b/w - not colored like the covers - and what I especially dislike is the inking. I'm sure, if they'd be colored, I might like them.)


"The law is wrong; I am right"
Two french comic albums based on Bukowski's work, wow ! I didn't know them ! Thanks Bukfan, I'll try to grab them.
Here's the cover of the other comic book (Danish version):


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The cover illustrations aren't bad but I'm not too impressed with the panels. Not surprisingly these remind me of Heavy Metal. It would be interesting to see Moebius, Corben or even William Stout's take on the source material.

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