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Since you've asked (I didn't want to appear as though I was pimping these shirts), yes indeed (and it was only $10; OK, now I'm pimping...crap). I'm wondering why the stamp is a 32-cent though. There's no way a standard letter cost that much to mail back in the late 1950s or 1960s.
That was the rate at the time that the stamp was made. These are referred to as "Cinderellas" in the stamp collecting world. Fake stamps that are meant as momentos. This one carried the then current rate of $.32 which was from January 1, 1995 to January 10, 1999.

Thanks, Bill.

Very interesting, I wasn't sure whether the image had originally been made around the time of the photo (looks to be early 1960s or so) or had been just randomly put together for the shirt recently. As usual, neither of my hunches turned out to be correct.
Yeah, I'm not sure who made the stamp, but they seemed to have chosen a photo that they thought would work well without regard to timeline..

Inspired by a Buk's draw
Dammit, way out of my price range. So now, I'll go to cafe press, make my own identical shirt and get like $2.00 off since I will be the creator of the shirt, and only pay like $15.99! YES!
hey guys. im new here and sorry if this seems like a bomb, but i am a big bukoski fan too. i saw the post about shirts and my clothing line is all literary themed shirts, including my bluebird shirt. so, its a way to wear a bukowski tee without a face on it.


there was a limited version on yellow, for obvious reasons, but it sold out a while ago. i hope to keep posting on here in non tee related things, but thought some of you guys might dig it.
but if this is a picture of you, all is forgiven:


but really, just because you know Bukowski's favourite colour was yellow doesn't mean you can spam us.

unless that really is a picture of you, then you get a pass.

so, to recap: no ads as first posts even if you love Bukowski unless you are a really hot woman. or man, depending on your perspective I guess. and no pissing in the pool unless you're really drunk and you hate the person that owns the pool and they had it coming. Miles, do you own a pool?

ok. everyone clear on the rules? everyone on board? yes?

good. now everyone into the pool.
I always thought that was a goof just for those pictures. But that's just what I assumed, I don't know. Maybe he wore it every day. ;)
It's called self promotion - kind of like your web-site here (somewhat) no offense. You are doing a good thing here, all the photos, timeline...etc. But no warm feeling of kinship, the reason, most of us are here for... ( you took pretty good video I posted down - it made people feel good, you know?). You jerk! ';)
It's a good thing you never make a god damn bit of sense, because I get the feeling I might be offended by what you're trying to say if you could actually say it in a non-addled way.
I always thought that was a goof just for those pictures. But that's just what I assumed, I don't know. Maybe he wore it every day. ;)

While we're revisiting this topic... BilkoJoe from The Bookshop just sold a letter from Bukowski regarding the Belfast t-shirts... (hope you don't mind Joe...)


1 Oct 1988

Hello Joe:

Got the t-shirt, quite beautifully done, thanks.

Down to last chapter of novel. Wrote it once, tossed it out. Too drunk.

Lots of hell here in various forms, a kind of relentless hell which won't

cease. At my age you think the gods would allow me some peace,but no....

Anyhow, the T-shirt is a marvel, and really nice of you to do such a thing.


Hank Bukowski

He's also wearing one during the 1992 home video reading...

Bukowski Goes Belfast​

Style is important.​
Many people scream the truth​
But without style​
It is helpless - CB​

The shirt is one that was once available from The Bookshop at Queen's, which is located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
hey guys. im new here and sorry if this seems like a bomb, but...
Sorry guys, im the guy wearing the shirt and not the girl. I know the whole bombing forums thing is bad but when it comes to bukowski, the tee selection is usually bad eBay prints of his face. I'm a heavy reader and running a clothing line based off of literature wasn't an easy way to be trendy. I understand the potential hate for that post but give me a chance. I surf the forum more than I've posted.

Maybe I will have jennifer(girl in pic) post if I do another bukowski tee in the future which I'm sure I will.

If by chance you do dig the tee, you can use a coupon "friends" for 20% off.
you might not want to send Jennifer here. once she gets a load of my wit and charm, she'll be lost to you. nothing personal, that's just the way it is with me. I wish I could stop it, but you can't control nature.

that said, I've seen worse shirts. but I'm afraid with my beer belly, the bird will look bigger than the rest of the graphics and throw off the design entirely.

but best of luck!
I've got a couple. I wore one to a family gathering and my dad got pissed at me for wearing a shirt with a bum on it, like I was making fun of homeless people. Swear, true story. It's a great pic of Buk in Europe in the 70s and has his signature underneath it. My brother wore a Hollister t-shirt and looked "nice". But at least I can say that I'm glad my dad is against joking about the homeless.
I tell myself, it's healthier than cigarettes, because you don't inhale.

If you don't inhale, you can smoke as much as you want to, whether it's cigars or cigarettes. The health hazard should be minimal.
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If you don't inhale, you can smoke as much as you want to, whether it's cigars or cigarettes. The health hazard should be minimal.
That's right, no one has ever died from tongue cancer!

Oh...they have?

Never mind.
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I've never heard of tongue cancer, but I've heard of cases where pipe smokers got mouth cancer, so I guess there's still a risk even if you don't inhale, however minimal it might be compared to the risk if you inhale.
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Smoking is a classy way to commit suicide said Vonnegut. I'm not sure how long ago he said that but smoking is no longer considered classy, or is it?
Is Bukowski considered classy? Like with smoking, it depends on who you ask. :wb:
But who cares what is 'classy' or not.
Pipe-smokers can get cancer inside the mouth (including the tongue) due to the juice, they sometimes get in there. You don't get juice with a cigar. Of course it does bear health-risks. But you definitely don't get as short of breath as you do with cigarettes. That's what counts to me in this case.

To quote from 'Manhattan':
"You don't smoke." - "I know I don't smoke. I don't inhale because it gives you cancer, but I look so incredibly handsome with a cigarette that I can't not hold one." -> now go back to my picture and see, what I'm talking about.
No, this is just a 'Dannemann speciale'-small cigar.
Here in Brazil they sell similar ones. They are the one I like to smoke, because the strong flavor. Great with coffee.

You said he did not inhale ... I bring no problems ... but when I first smoked, coughed like mad. hehe

I painted a T-shirt Bukowski, I'll see if I can send the picture ...


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