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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Please post you in your BUKOWSKI FUCK OFF T-SHIRT!

Where did the sophisticated good-looking lady get this amazing Bukowski t-shirt? I want to know; I'd pay up to 60 Euros for a shirt like this.
Is that you, Ponder ?!

Mark, are you serious ? Do you really like her look ?
I'd say she's the female equivalent of the "pomo douchebag" (though I like the tattoos on her right arm). :D

(btw, maybe it's a home-made t-shirt)

I have no Bukowski fuck off t-shirt and am consequently the most miserable person in the world. :(

I'd like one with this inscription : BERRYMAN WAS A JERK, BUKOWSKI WAS BEST and I'd wear it at Nick Cave's next concert in Paris.
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Id give my left arm for a shirt like that

For a second I thought she had done just that, until I saw it was hidden behind a book. :p

Awful, way too typical tattoos. Just the usual roses and hearts. Of course, they beat the typical barbed wire and tribal patterns tattoos any day.
Quite liked a one I saw with BUKOWSKI spelt out in letters like on a periodic table. When I get round to buying it I might even post a picture of me wearing it on here. Try to contain yourselves.
in the 90s I made one by myself. (this was way before a million people made these and put them on ebay, which simply didn't exist then.)

it was a simple one-color print (dark blue) on a yellow shirt, so the print came out as kinda purple. Unfortunately I don't have it anymore: when I first met Falko, the founder of the Buk-society, and he saw that one, he talked me into giving it away for his colletion of Bukowski-T-shirts.

Maybe I'll ask him someday to lend it back for a few photoshots. I liked it.
Don't listen to Frenchy, rev; your Bukowski t-shirt is plenty Fuck Off for this thread.


'...plenty Fuck Off...'
I want a shirt that just says BERRYMAN WAS A JERK. Actually, I've enjoyed some of his work, but the name would be lost on 99.9% or more of the public, so that makes it a funny shirt in my estimation.

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