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Ok, so I'm looking for ideas as to what I should read next from Bukowski. Maybe you can help.

I've read the six novels and I've read the short story collections south of no north, tales of ordinary madness, the most beautiful woman in town and hot water music. As far as poetry goes I've read the roominghouse madrigals, play the piano drunk, you get so alone, war all the time, what matters most, the flash of lightning, and am about to start the people look like flowers. I've also read the captain is out to lunch and notes of a dirty old man, however you would class them.

Are there any of his books that you think I should read next? Any classics that I've missed or any era that I haven't explored yet? I read that his later short stories aren't regarded as being that great. Would people agree with this? The latest era short story collection I read was hot water music, which to be honest, I didn't rate very highly. And as for poetry, although I liked the early stuff, I much prefer the later and posthumous stuff.

So what do you reccommend I check out next?

Try some of his letters. after you are familiar with some his other writings, these corespondences can give some interesting insights and appreciations of his work.
you have read the shorter pieces, and the poetry.
try the novels...

ham on rye
post office

not necessarily in that order...
Any classics that I've missed or any era that I haven't explored yet?

- burning in water drowning in flame
- the days run away like wild horses over the hills
- mockingbird wish me luck
- dangling in the tournefortia

Try some of his letters.
the letters, yes! definitely!
(I enjoyed Vol 2 the most = 'Living on Luck' but having all three is no mistake.)

Ben Pleasants.
Avoid Pleasants' book at least untill you've read some well researched biography, e.g. the one by Howard Sounes.
I think I'll check out the letters next then. I hadn't really considered them before but if you all think they're worth it I'll have a look. In the UK they've been released on Virgin as four books with all of the letters in chronological order throughout the four. Should I go for these or the ecco editions? Does it make much difference how they're arranged?

I've read the Sounes biography, what's Visceral Bukowski like?
Don't forget "Shakespeare Never Did This"! - The traveloque Buk wrote after his trips to Germany and France. There's lots of photo's in it too...
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