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i found a video (i think its a video, maybe its a recording) of bukowski talking about his worst hangover, the thing is the video has been removed from youtube because of copyright shit, is it a part of a movie or something?
What you saw was probably a segment of "The Charles Bukowski Tapes" which consists of 52 short segments of Bukowski talking about various things. It was released on DVD in 2006, but it's been sold out.
Looks like there's been a mass deletion of the Bukowski Tapes from youtube, shame, it's not as if we're tripping over copies in the shops. I've seen them all anyway. They should re-release it, don't know if it was ever available in the UK region 2.

The worst hangover story is so blackly tragically comic and absurd!.
I assume you're talking about the one where Buk saw the guy fall past his window and his woman at the time looked down and saw the mess and freaked out. That was "so blackly tragically comic and absurd!"
Yeah that's the one. The absurdity of the poor guy falling straight down upright, the fact that Bukowski noticed he was wearing a necktie, his woman "Oh my god!!" Buk "I told you", and also "I felt better, I don't know, maybe because I was right" to paraphrase. I couldn't help but laugh even though it was awful for the poor guy who jumped.
so if I click on the .ru site I won't fuck up my computer? Cause every time I go to an unfamiliar site I get shit all over my computer. I don't want to deal with that bullshit anymore.
every time I go to an unfamiliar site I get shit all over my computer.
If you're a Firefox guy, check this. With this extension (and a clever use of it) you won't get (most of the) shit you don't want.
The worst thing that happened to me while visiting .ru sites was that I've learned some Russian language. :p

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