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And no, it wasn't shot by David Lynch ;)

Wait a minute.
Who made that shirt he's wearing?


Nice find c.
Dare I ask where you found it?

Or is that secret info? :D
That's an unusual pic of Buk sitting in a train wearing sun glasses. Is it from his trip to Germany in 1978?
Thanks, cirerita!
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First thing I thought of myself...

Thank you c. I was wondering where you had gotten to. Another wonderful picture, greatly appreciated!
The Big Bukowski

Where's Walter?

Someone should write a spoof of The Big Lebowski... as a short story, using Buk as the main character. Instead of "I hate the fucking Eagles!" It should be, "I fucking hate people! I'm getting out of my fucking cab!" And HE should jump out the cab. Instead of "FUCK YOU, WALTER!" It should be, "FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING CUNT! WHORE!" Then he should go on his "you're gonna live with other people" rant in his mocking voice. (Remember ? I'm not sure if that was Babs or Linda...) Etc, etc.

Cool photo, ciretia, thank you :)
Which reminds me...

Do you have baby fieldgreens?

What the fuck did you just call me?

...Nothing. Do you have a green salad?

... What the fuck colour would it be?

[aside to Massey]... Why do you EAT here?!
Well, there IS a David Lynch connection as we all know since Hank loved "Eraserhead" and wasn't that Jack Nance of "Twin Peaks" fame who showed up in "Barfly" as the police guy going through Chinaski's roominghouse?

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