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skiroomalum - you need to found a posse and protect Adkins like those Nevada ranchers...but try to win a court decision this time...psychobilly keeps my regular rockabilly from dumbing down... i thynk....
Thank god for Austin, Texas, for keeping everything good about real country music alive.
I spent a week in Austin, TX about eight years ago. It's a clean town (except for the bat guano) and a hip town. But walking Sixth Street explained to me why the music industry is what it is. For some reason, people seem to think that copying a style is the recipe for success. Well, it may be in football or hockey, but it wears thin in music. I walked past some 15 bars in Austin and heard the same damn thing emanating from each: a cowboy-hatted Strat-wielding guitarist nailing Stevie Ray Vaughan licks.

You know, that takes some talent and a considerable amount of effort. I entered the bar with the same music as the next one because the first two beers were free. I'd prefer to enter an establishment because the musicians were breaking new ground. That's rare these days.

As an aside, the Grateful Dead are the best country band I know of. Send dissenting viewpoints along as you will.
"and heard the same damn thing emanating from each: a cowboy-hatted Strat-wielding guitarist nailing Stevie Ray Vaughan licks."

Purple, sorry you hit it on a bad night. I am personally one of the few Dead Heads who does not like Stevie Ray Vaughan, ZZ Top or any other band that plays the Texan "White man's Blues." And this includes Clapton, and you all can fuck yourselves if that's in any way shocking. His best songs were other men's songs.

I saw 50+ Dead shows between 1987 and 1995, just so you know I don't disagree on their music.

When I hit Austin for a business trip, I saw an incredible amount of music diversity... including a Japanese kid in a n Easter Bunny outfit who couln't speak a lick of English but did perfect Prince covers.

I could list 30 bands who call Austin home and that have lyrics that Buk would even ackowledge as competent. I won't because I don't like pushing anything in anyone's face. But if anyone has Sirius and wants to listen to the Outlaw Country station for just a few hours, they'll pick their own favorites.

The American Country Music Awards are May 20 on CBS. If you watch it, you (and everyone reading this) will want to puke through their nose and spit the rest out on the floor. It sucks all the way around, just like Nasheville these days.

I'm no fucking fan of Texas, butAaustin is different. An oasis in a dry fucking part of America.

So Stick, I'm sorry again that you didn't have a good night, but I think you should give it a second chance.

I walked past some 15 bars in Austin and heard the same damn thing emanating from each: a cowboy-hatted Strat-wielding guitarist nailing Stevie Ray Vaughan licks.
I've made that walk too. But the town was called Peoria. Or Bettendorf. Or South Bend....

Never seen Austin myself but most people I know who HAVE been there (including but not limited to SXSW) have had good things to say about it. They remarked on the artistic-friendly and tolerant-for-Texas attitude of the people there. But yeah - gimme a dozen copycat guitar-players in any given city and I'll make it hurt like Madison Wisconsin... and you'll wish it were Austin !

Just a travel warning. You're welcome.
When people ask me if I've ever been to Texas, I respond that no, I haven't, but I've been to Austin. And yes, a similar walk could be made in any big music city. Be it Nashville, Chicago, LA, NY, Boston, Austin, etc.

As for the Dead Head thing, count me out. I saw some 20 shows from '82-'85, so that's a pretty concentrated run, but I had a life to live and courses to pass at the time. I posted in the music forum about how I think I like about 25% of the Dead - consider, over a 30-year career:

About 30% of '69-'70
About 40% of '71
About 70% of '72
About 50% of '73-74.
About 30% of '77-'80
About 10% of '81-'89
0.1% of '90-'95

Add it all up and it's about 20-25% of overall output that I like, and I really love about half of that. But I really, really love that slim slice of pie so much that I rank the Dead very highly.

For what this is all worth, of course. What was the question?

Pogue, you aren't Angry Jack Straw, are you? :eek:
In my car, I always listen to the Mohawk radio station, I drive better. Depending on the day of the week, you can hear some really old stuff. The hosts even speak Mohawk at certain times.
I prefer the old style, as in almost anything because I am old ;)).
The lyrics are sometimes very funny because they are so straight to the point. But as in anything else, you pick what speaks to you.

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