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    Gypsy Lou Webb

    Gypsy Lou Webb, wife of Jon Webb and co-editor of the Loujon Press ("The Outsider") will celebrate her 104th birthday on April 29th. Her address is Greenbriar, room A7A, 505 Robert Blvd, Slidell, La 70458.
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    Bukowski Weekend

    Bukowski birthday weekend in New Orleans. Can't wait! Sorry could't get the link to work. Google International house Hotel New Orleans. Listed under Happenings. I'll be thinking of all you guys and gals!
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    Bukowski Indirect quote

    Thanks for the quick reply. I have a ECCO copy so I need to look for it.
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    Bukowski Indirect quote

    Anyone know where this Bukowski quote is from? keep your money in your pocket. or bet it on a good horse.
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    LouJon exhibition in New Orleans

    Here's a link to a "Loujon Press" show opening next month in New Orleans. Lots of Bukowski stuff, can't wait! Edit: new link
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    Ruth Weiss

    Anyone know or heard of Beat poet Ruth Weiss? She will be doing a reading in New Orleans on Tuesday.
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    A Visit with Gypsy Lou Webb

    I drove out to Slidell La, about 30 miles east of New Orleans to visit Loujon Press co-founder Gypsy Lou Webb. Lou is 96 years old but still in pretty good health. During my visit Lou signed my Noel Rockmore etching which was used as the cover for the Loujon Press, Bukowski book: Crucifix in a...
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    Published in Polish?

    Anyone know if Bukowski was published in Polish.
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    Piano player

    Any thoughts on the last half of the last paragraph.
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    Piano player

    Thats it. Thanks.
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    Piano player

    About a piano player??
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    YouTube Video - One for the Shoeshine Man

    WOW! This guy yossari's video post gets 41 replies, all i got was a lousy 3. (YOUNG IN NEW ORLEANS) Come on people, i can take it.
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    YouTube Video - Young in new orleans

    Check it out on
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    Bukowski painting in New Orleans

    Check out this very cool Bukowski painting at a gallery opening in New Orleans. i went to the opening last night, its a large canvas, price, $3500
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    Crucifix in a Deathhand

    Hi Jesi, I only have the book cover, not the book. Lou said 770 were printed, i don't know if she means covers or books. The cover is at the New Orleans Conservation Guild having a water stain removed then i'll drive out to slidell to have lou sign it before framing. Check out the film at...