posthumous editing issues

  1. nymark

    I've Fought Them From the Moment I Saw Light From the Womb

    This is from Sun #1 (1961). It's reprinted in Slouching Toward Nirvana but with some differences.
  2. mjp

    The Shit Shits

    Not Chinaski; Klienholtz! (Who?) A copy of the 1970 Runcible Spoon on display at the Huntington inspired me to dig out my copy and give it a read. Unfortunately for you, I can't just read it and shut up. Three of the poems are uncollected, but I can't bring myself to put this 41 year old piece...
  3. mjp

    It Sucks/Runaway Inflation

    New game: find the butcher! A stanza from a manuscript: all breathing tissue must be used against the impossible A stanza from the same poem in a posthumous book: all facial tissue and toilet paper must be used again and again if possible. Okay, now find the butcher! Go. See you on the...
  4. mjp

    Another Day/Big Grey Balloon Things, Heavy

    Bukowski was so mighty he could revise from his grave! There's no other explanation for this.
  5. mjp

    You Write Many Poems About Death - Does this qualify as irony?

    Does this qualify as irony? Manuscript: consider that this page you are looking at now, I was typing the words under this yellow light with the radio on. From The People Look Like Flowers At Last: and remember this: the page you are looking at now, I once typed the words with care with you...
  6. Erik

    The Genius of the Crowd:

    OK guys, be warned: Here comes a ramble, a pretty long ramble. I've recently become interested in Buk's poem "The Genius of the Crowd" (The Roominghouse Madrigals page 31). I used to think it was a bit pompous and over the top, so to speak, with the capital letters and all, but recently I've...
  7. cirerita

    "fog" (1st and 2nd drafts)

    Both versions were written within 4 days. The changes are substantial -and that's an understatement. Did he also change/revise "The Crunch"? :D It would be interesting to find the draft(s) of that poem to establish who made those changes.
  8. LickTheStar

    Thoughts on Editions and Editors

    Just received my HB of Portions and I did notice that there's nothing to indicate "First Edition" or "limited to 1000 copies" but... I'll keep the whining to a minimum! ;)
  9. mjp


    I have always wondered how far reaching Martin's changes were in the first edition of Women. I haven't had a copy of the first paperback until recently, so I thought it would be fun to see what he had added or removed. Well, it's not fun. It really sucks reading two versions of the same book...
  10. Olaf

    the crunch - in it's many forms

    A lot of Bukowskis 'new' work has been edited rather dubiously...i.e. taking out swearing, changing a line here or there, replacing guttural words with more learned... What do you make of this? Bukowski has become such a lucrative industry...they are just churning the shit out...butchered by...