posthumous editing issues

  1. G

    Bukowski's 'The Interlude'

    I was checking out Wormwood Review (Issue 144) and found this poem. Because this Issue is from 1996, I came (here) to look for more information, but found none. Apparently it was only published in Wormwood. I'd like to know If anyone knows more info about this poem (when was written etc etc...
  2. mikestro1

    Posthumous Books

    Which (if any) of the posthumous poetry books do you consider being able to stand up against the books Buk put out while he was alive?
  3. Erik

    Gordon Lish on revising Raymond Carver

    Seems in another league than John Martin... gordon-lish-books-interview-editing-raymond-carver
  4. Pogue Mahone

    Registered Letter: Knight Magazine, November 1970, Vol. 8, No. 7

    Here’s a little Thanksgiving treat for you all – an unedited chapter from Post Office. This is primarily Chapter 14, published three months before the novel. There is also an intro of sorts, and a short scene with Jane – apparently Bukowski named her Betty Fairstar in the original typescript...
  5. Pogue Mahone

    Midatlantic Vol. 3, No. 11 (1979)

    Here is It's Easy and Trouble In The Ghetto from Midatlantic Vol. 3, No. 11 (1979). Both sound a little familiar to me, but the titles are not listed in the database. The third poem is Funny Man, which was collected in “the night torn mad with footsteps,” but I’m including it here because it...
  6. cirerita

    An interview with John Martin

    Although the interview took place in early January 2014, it just came out here: RECEI/70 - 2015/RCEI 70-2015.pdf (pages 171-180). There's some interesting tidbits about Bukowski and editing.
  7. David

    Age - Ole 1 - 1964

    Just found this on eBay: Ole 1, 1964 with a poem "age" which has been altered in The People Look Like Flowers at Last.
  8. David


    the poem "dead" appeared in Bone Palace Ballet (1997) and also in OntheBus 19/20 (2005). Compare the two versions. I'll bet the editor of OntheBus Jack Grapes was working from an earlier manuscript submission, because note what has been removed from the Bone Palace Ballet version. Do we have a...
  9. David

    The neutering of prose by Martin when Bukowski was alive

    In working with the prose, I am coming across more and more examples of the following: the first is original LAFP "Notes" and version in South of No North as "Hit Man". Here the evidence is incontrovertible: no way Buk revised these AFTER they appeared in the Freep. Note the changes in word...
  10. mjp

    The senseless, tragic rape of Charles Bukowski’s ghost by John Martin’s Black Sparrow Press

    I've linked to the article in the title of this post (and its companion) in other threads, but I wanted to have a separate thread here to talk about the issue. (Also, there is now a podcast that sums the issue up, if you'd rather listen than read.) There are some good comments on those...
  11. mjp


  12. marina del rey

    neither Shakespeare or Mickey Spillane

    Side-by-side comparison scans from version in Rant #1 (Spring 1993) and posthumous version in Sifting Through the Madness... (2003).
  13. Ponder

    like a movie

  14. nymark

    12,000 Dollars In 3 Months...

    I'm posting the version 12,000 Dollars in 3 Months... from Midwest No. 4, 1962, and the version from Roominghouse Madrigals for comparison purposes. But I have another question aside from the changes. Can anyone tell me what the green pen notations are in my copy of Midwest? Isn't that usually...
  15. roni

    'Sun Coming Down'

    according to the database, the poem 'Sun Coming Down' was first printed in Harlequin - Vol. 2 - No. 1 - Page 11 - 1957 and then never again until after Hank's death. From everything we know, I find it likely, that these posthumous versions have been 'changed'. To verify this, we'd need a copy...
  16. nymark

    on being recognized

    Here's some more fuel for the fire. I wasn't going to post this but I find all the hissy fits entertaining. This is on being recognized which appears in Ransom Weirdness #1 and also in a slightly different form in War All The Time. Just a few word changes and a deleted line. Enough to work...
  17. David

    "Heat", Magazine #5, 1972/The People Look Like Flowers at Last

    "Heat", Magazine #5, 1972 (originally in Outcast, 1967)/The People Look Like Flowers
  18. David

    "AT&T"/Purr Version, Martinized, Scott Harrison

    Scott Harrison has helped me greatly in my work and I don't know where he ended up on the Martin question during the discussion/fracas recently. But I was going through my papers today and found this so thought I'd put it up: Scott listed Purr for sale on ebay back in 2007 and saw the mangling...
  19. David

    Fugs: Having the flu with nothing else to do

    The "Fugs" made a recording of Buk's "having the flu with nothing else to do." Manuscript is "having the flu and nothing else to do" I read this book about Dos Passos and according to this one D.P. ended up in the Hollywood Hills reading the WALL STREET JOURNAL. this seems to happen often...
  20. roni

    What about 'Roll the Dice'?

    Like most of us, I never liked the posthumous collections even way before we came to know, what had happened. But I did like 'Roll the Dice'. Now I ask myself: has that been changed too? And where? Reading it again now, my suspect even starts at the first stanza: "... otherwise, don't even...
  21. David

    "the riots" from 1992 changed to "riots" 2003

    A book of poems, essays and stories about the riots following the Rodney King verdict entitled The Verdict Is In has a Bukowski poem "the riots" (p. 74) which follows: Changed in Sifting Through the Madness (2003), p. 165: The chances seem to me to be exactly zero that Bukowski would have...
  22. roni

    I cannot stand tears

    This is especially interesting, as it was changed during Hank's lifetime. And even though the changes are only 2 words, they give a whole different meaning and feeling to the poem. Here's what 'THE ROOMINGHOUSE MADRIGALS' (1988, p.69) say: I Cannot Stand Tears there were several hundred fools...
  23. mjp

    Does this make sense?

    Can you let me know if it's clear what's happening here without any (or much) explanation? These are going up on the new site.
  24. mjp

    Scott Harrison has spoken! The world at large stifles a yawn.

    Nice little excerpt from an eBay auction: It's true that over the years John trimmed passages, took out some words, changed a few things around as editors do and there are some with time on their hands to sit back and criticize him... Which is cute, coming from an idiot. Since only an idiot...
  25. David

    Bloody Martinization of a small classic gem

    Martinized when the violets roar at the sun they've got us in the cage ruined of grace and senses and the heart roars like a lion at what they've done to us. A six line poem has one essential line for the meaning removed: "they'll set us free". The essential "their" cage is changed to "the"...