posthumous editing issues

  1. mjp


    Someone wasn't paying attention and put a changed version of a posthumously published poem into another posthumous book eight years later. Caught with your finger in the pie, butcher. "hang the wallpaper," eh?
  2. mjp

    Regrets of a sort

    I wasn't going to post any more of these for a while, but this one is just too painfully ironic to let it slide by. let's hope we can all recover from this. Amen.
  3. Ponder

    The Empties & Empties

    Does someone own a copy of New York Quarterly - No. 37 - 1988 and want to look this poem has been martinized in Sifting Through the Madness for the Word, the Line, the Way - pg. 181 - 2002 ? Thanks!
  4. mjp

    So you want to be a writer?

    I would like to dedicate this one to my close friend and personal inspiration, Mr. John Martin! so you want to be a writer
  5. mjp

    The condition

    Funny. Or not. The manuscript and the version in War All The Time are identical. Then... Clumsy, stupid shit like: there is nothing going to release it
  6. mjp

    The perfect silence

    More 1920s-style prohibition, more creative writing class. More, more.
  7. mjp

    For The Foxes, The Defamers, The Tap Dancers, And The Dreamers Of Ballet

    Oh my. Well, here we see drinking replaced with something else (again), along with the typical old cut and gut. Can someone explain how, by any stretch of the imagination, THE BUTCHER got "satisfied" out of that poem, and decided to start it off that way? If it isn't the opposite of satisfied...
  8. mjp

    I'm a failure

    Funny, it's starting to look like the butcher systematically removed references to madness in addition to his full compliment of other moronic habits. In this one, the madness is gone, two lines about drinking excised, and a couple of repeating give/take lines boiled down to IDIOT NORMALITY...
  9. mjp

    Bright boy

    From Come On In!
  10. mjp

    Zero/ground zero

    More creative writing class brilliance from The Butcher of Santa Barbara.
  11. mjp

    the faithful wife

    The faithful wife. Madness becomes depression, and the subject somehow gains 10 pounds in the typical rewrite.
  12. mjp

    the media

    More head-scratchingly pointless changes on display!
  13. Digney in Burnaby


    Because it's short. I don't have a good enough dictionary to sort out words like "hypocodont" or "caseic" or their replacements. A lot of the humour (okay, humor!) is lost in the Flash of Lightning version. From New York Quarterly #49: prescience I was always charmed and ensnared by...
  14. mjp

    The New Revolution

    Speaking of removing drinking, how about imposing political correctness onto Bukowski? Seems ridiculous, I know, but here it is.
  15. mjp

    Darlings of the Word (and removing references to drinking)

    What's up with that, by the way? Removing drinking from the poems? I noticed one earlier today in here, and now Darlings of the Word has "drink" removed (I can't make side by side files for all of these - it would take the rest of my life). [Side by side comparison was made after all. -ed.]
  16. Ponder


    Manuscripts weep - 1976-09-23 - carbon Come On In! - pg. 144 - 2006 weep weep for the indifference of flying fish weep for the absence of long-haired blondes weep for the sadness of yourself weep for Bach weep for the extinct animals weep for grandfather's clock weep for weeping...
  17. Ponder


    CARLTON WAY OFF OF WESTERN: published in SECOND COMING Vol. 5, No. 1 ©1977. Carlton Way off Western Ave.: published in what matters most is how well you walk through the fire ©2007.
  18. mjp

    Secret Laughter Shining

    Secret Laughter Shining. "Hmm, this one is only nine lines long...I think I'll completely rewrite it!" - The Butcher
  19. mjp


    Disgusting. "drunk" turns into "sleeping," etc.
  20. mjp

    Good Show

    Good Show. Minor but annoying Martinisims, such as adding "I'd think, "she'd say," etc.
  21. mjp


    Some weird changes in this one. Well, no more weird as any of them I guess. Taking out a blow job and a sexual reference to little boys in one place, but adding a sexual reference to little boys in another (?), making a "black guy" a "skinny guy"... Here's the manuscript.
  22. mjp

    To Weep In Her Hair

    Fuck the soprano or comfort the soprano? We know what Bukowski wants to do. But apparently Martin can't decide which he wants to do. to weep in her hair --- Thanks to Black Swan for sending me the manuscript for this one!
  23. David

    My Father And The Bum

    Supposedly small changes here, but notice the difference in "he was so ashamed that he/left his house in the morning" and the Martinized "he'd be so ashamed that he'd/leave the house in the morning." This mucks it up because originally is has the typically Buk direct and active "he was" and "he...
  24. David

    Malone vs. Martin

    So it appears that had Marvin Malone been Buk's editor, we might have gotten the poems as he wrote them. It would be interesting to check other MSS against the Wormwood issues.
  25. David

    A Poem For The Swingers, A Poem For The Playgirls Of The Universe

    So what happened to this poem after 12-24-74? The published version in Open All Night changes "it appears in their walk/in their eyes/in their laughter and in their/gentleness". The published version is "in their laughter and in their/gentle hearts."