the roominghouse madrigals

  1. nymark

    12,000 Dollars In 3 Months...

    I'm posting the version 12,000 Dollars in 3 Months... from Midwest No. 4, 1962, and the version from Roominghouse Madrigals for comparison purposes. But I have another question aside from the changes. Can anyone tell me what the green pen notations are in my copy of Midwest? Isn't that usually...
  2. roni

    I cannot stand tears

    This is especially interesting, as it was changed during Hank's lifetime. And even though the changes are only 2 words, they give a whole different meaning and feeling to the poem. Here's what 'THE ROOMINGHOUSE MADRIGALS' (1988, p.69) say: I Cannot Stand Tears there were several hundred fools...
  3. Jason

    4:30 A.M. -- EPOS, Vol.16, No.4 (1965)

    scans of EPOS, Vol.16, No.4, edited by Will Tullos and Evelyn Thorne (Crescent City: Epos, Summer 1965) featuring the Bukowski poem 4:30AM. While this poem originally appeared in Sciamachy No.6 (Winnetka: Sciamachy, 1964) and was later collected in The Roominghouse Madrigals (Santa Rosa: BSP...
  4. cirerita

    Adventures Of A Bug - Existaria, 1957

    Originally published in EXISTARIA (Hermosa Beach, Calif.) no. 7 (September-October 1957), p. 4. I don't know whether the poem "1975" has been reprinted or not.