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I really like this drawing. I'll include it in the diss., hopefully.


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That's a good example of a Bukowski drawing. I say that because he often scribbled or did quick, easy paintings, but in this drawing you can see the use of perspective, and compacting the information he wants to get across into a small available space.

This is more difficult than it looks (kind of like writing "simple" poetry) which suggests either a learned skill or an innate knowledge of how to place elements on a page. You can see this in some of his drawings and paintings. Nice.
i have a tattoo of buk drawing
the bird piece from cover of "screams from the balcony"

its on my forearm.
anyone else?

always loved his Thurber influenced quick drawings
i've been thinking about this too

I've thought about getting the famous little man with the bottle buk always used when he signed books. I'd also like to get part of the cover of 70 mins in hell.
the cat getting strangled
reasonknot, post a picture of the bird tattoo?

or has it been posted before? is reasonknot still around even? didn't realize this thread was 4 1/2 years old.....

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