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first Martin letter to B ever!


martin has great care for business. which shows even from this first letter that you posted.

also when i called him the other day i got his answer machine. i left a message and he returned it the next day.

that is hard to find.
luck rhymes with fuck, huck and almost with shucks...
I think the thing is, for someone else to point you in the right direction, they would have to search and dig and they may be thinking, "Well, hey, go search and dig yourself."

That being said, the search function in the forum is admittedly limited, so when I am looking for something specific I use this: It's a Google search of the site (and the forum), and it will give you better results than the forum search will.

Having said that, I'm not sure we even have the first response from Bukowski to Martin. It all runs together after a while. If we do have it, it would have come from Martin's archives rather than Bukowski's.

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