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very early letter to B from Martin.


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This one is pretty interesting...it puts a date (1/22/66) on their first meeting. The story has been told so many times of Martin opening the closet full of manuscripts and reading for hours, pulling out those first few he made into broadsides...

Nice to see that, and the others as well.
Thanks cirerita. I hope everyone on this fine newsgroup has a chance to read this vibrant letter from Martin. Full of charm it shows Martin's ingratiating ways and his ability to bribe the Titan of Drink with non-abjective wine and genuine, gut-blushing adulation, the lucky bastard. Martin was B's angel"”the Sigmund to his Freud"”after B. had already become the scribe for the untapped collective unconscious of a sorrowful and pitiful mankind, women included, even if they look like Marilyn Monroe. Too bad Spiderman Bukowski couldn't live till 100. Would he have run out of pithy things to say? Ha-ha, ho-ho, he-he"”Oh, that's a good one. To whom it may concern: This man's talents were not of this earth.
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interesting letter - fascinating insight into martin's tone and approach. someone should plumb the depths of that relationship...martin freed b up, and is for that, probably THE single most important influence...no?

cheers, cirerita! (wanted to say ""MR SPANISH" but that sounds a tad disrespectful...and i wouldn't want to venture from the general decorum here :D
Wow, nice to read that...
John Martin was obviously 'initially' a HUGE fan, be interesting to see those early/pre BSP copies to John Martin...
MR. SPANISH is fine, don't worry. I was actually born in Tenerife (Canary Islands), off the African Coast, so you call Mr. ISLANDER... or MR. AFRICAN, for that matter. But now I live in a Spanish region -Catalunya- where there is VERY strong national sentiment and many people would be more than happy to make it become an independent country... so you can call MR. CATALONIAN as well. Come to think of it, I live 30 minutes away from the French border, so I guess you can call me... oh, well, forget it (pronounced with that Bukowskian drawl you sure know so well).
I've read that letter before! Now I'm going to have anxiety attacks until I remember where. A book, a file or online? In a dream? Anyone else read it before? Is it in a collection of letters? Maybe in Living On Luck? I can't rest now until I find it.
The letters volumes contain Buk's letters to others, but, as far as I know, not letters to him. Beerspit... has letters from S. M. (I think, who the hell has read it through and remembers it?), but you must be thinking of another source, I would think.

Sorry to rob you of sleep...
I think I've read it before, too. I wouldn't say Martin freed up Bukowski, in a literary, artistic sense -- he was already going full bore, totally free. Martin freed Bukowski in an economic sense, gave him money to live on and time to create. I like how Martin saved up his bottles for Bukowski.

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