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Ya just gotta have it . . . now?

It'll cost ya, but here are located 33 Bukowski formatted titles in different downloadable formats at your command, whether you live in the outskirts of Zimbabwe, downtown Watts, or the latrine at the Bush White House:


The disadvantage? - It's not a book in your hands, so you can't spill wine or get cum stains on it (unless you tilt your monitor).

The advantage? - You can do a detailed word search on every major work this fucker wrote, and impress your wife, mistress or poodle.

eBooks have been mentioned before, but this is an additional source.

Now everyone else can take the day off...

33 eBooks by Bukowski

I should have titled the thread this way to make it more clear... but it's probably too late now...
Thanks for the link, but... too pricey for me! Rather have the physical book.

Well... unless these are the limited, signed editions!

(ha ha)

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