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Thanks for posting the clip, ponder! I have'nt seen it before and I would like to see the rest of the interview. Funny to copare beershits to poetry. "...you feel a sense of sadness when you flush it..."
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Quite logical....poop and poetry are coming out of yourself.

Water was water is water, stays water ;)
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..arent we all just full of shit?
- everyday, i come from the bathroom, i think:"ok, that was it now,im clean, i feel so much lighter, the shit is gone!"
..but there is new shit, everyday.
You must be right.
Genres: Documentary

Plot Synopsis: More than 20 contemporary North American poets recite, sing, and perform their work. Several also comment. Early in the film, Charles Bukowski talks about the energy of poets and of a poem. These poets are
energetic performers, and their poems are meant to be heard. These poets are the children of Walt Whitman and of Charles Olson, incantatory and oratorical, radical, sometimes incorporating contemporary political imagery. Black Mountain poets, the Beats, minimalists like John Cage, the wordless Four Horsemen, Tom Waits, and others capture aspects of poets as troubadours.

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