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Years back I bought a 2x60min tape called "CB, The Home Recordings 1969-1970", released by "Bukaroo". I always loved the whole 2 hours of it and was, I guess, slightly disappointed to see my 2 cassettes later released on CD as:

"70 min in Hell" http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00004R7JZ/?tag=charlebukowsa-20 and

"King of Poets" http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00000G1W9/?tag=charlebukowsa-20

Now, I thought my "69 recording is missing 10min of material because of limitations inherent to the medium, but now I've noticed that in addition to missing some poems, I seem to have 3 poems on my tape that are not on the CD:

"Black Scrawl"
"A Report upon..."
"I was Born to Hustle..."

Would anyone be able to answer these 2 questions:
-is there more than 70 min "of hell" somewhere out there? All of the above CD release PLUS the 3 extra poems on my tape?

-what's "Black Scrawl"? It's not listed in the bukowski.net database. Is the title wrong on my tape, the first line is "And I will send you a great big letter with a black scrawl at the bottom"?

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90 Minutes in Hell was a vinyl album released in 1977 wasn't it? I guess thats where the Home Recordings cassette was ripped from.

I'm not sure about Black Scrawl, but 1969 Home recorded versions of A Report upon the Consumption of Myself, I Was Born to Hustle Roses Down the Avenues of the Dead, Cancer and a short story about a murderous taylor are available on the end of the Hamburg reading CD, Solid Citizen. THose tracks add up to about 23 minutes. Although like King of Poets and 70 minutes in Hell it looks very professional and is issued through Chinaski Records of Berlin, who can be sure that these are not bootlegs? Then again, who if anyone would own the rights to these recordings after almost 40 years and the death of the author?
90 minutes was indeed a double album, listed in Fogel, p. 201. States release 1977, recorded 1966. Fogel also lists a cassette of the same name, released in 1970 (p. 199).

Both were probably bootlegs.
"90 Minutes in Hell" was a double album released on Steve Richmond's "Earth" label in a pressing of (supposedly) 500 copies (my guess is probably fewer, since it is and always has been quite uncommon). It is not a bootleg. Don't know if Richmond ever released anything else on the label.

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