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Last night -roughly after midnight- Ona was born in our place. She was delivered by a midwife by the fireplace. That might be common in the U.S. or northern European countries, but here in Spain most people think you're crazy if you don't go to the hospital so your baby is delivered by "professional" hands... Oh, well...

Anyway, if you don't see me around now you know why.

I confess I'm a happy man.

Oh, in case you're wondering, Ona means "Wave" in Catalan -one of the languages spoken in Spain.
"Gratulerer" Cirerita!
Now just buckle up, hold on to your hat, and enjoy the ride!:D
thank you, guys.

she spends the whole day sleeping, sucking her mom's breast and well, you know, shitting.

a pretty picture, huh?

no, really, it's amazing to see all the little things she does everyday. I think of Ona as a big wave which is taking us to a new, never-seen-before place.
Yeah, babies and little kids are great. Other people's babies and little kids...that I can walk away from after a few hours. ;)
I can understand that, I've heard a lot of people say the same thing, but I think I'll take a pass on that experiment for myself.

Don't get me wrong though, I do like kids, they're funny as hell and very pure, for the most part. They just wear me down after a few hours in close quarters. Heh.
mjp said:
They just wear me down after a few hours in close quarters. Heh.
Amen, brother...
My wife is working 12 hour shifts this weekend so it's just me and Sam today and tomorrow...and he's already seen Barfly, Crazy Love, the Bukowski Tapes, Bukowski Reads Bukowski, Bukowski at Bellevue a few times...not yet two and already a critic. oi vey.
I`m late, as always, but please take mine too, Cirerita. Gratuliere! - as we say it.

How was that - a man should build a house, plant a tree, have at least one child ... and write a book? Starting with the diss. you are on your way, I see :)
I think it's just the tree, the book and the child, you don't need to build the house!!!

I already wrote a book a few years ago and I've planted many trees and plants, so I guess I'm done.

I'll think about building the house, though. Sounds interesting.
mjp said:
I can understand that, I've heard a lot of people say the same thing, but I think I'll take a pass on that experiment for myself.
Where's your sense of gamble MJ? After all, putting a new human being into existance has to be one of the biggest bets running! And the tote board doesn't give you any help at all... :rolleyes:
I've gambled plenty, and usually lost, so I'm just sparing the potential offspring the pain and embarrassment. heh.

But I've built houses, planted trees and written books - and who knows...I was a traveling musician for a long time. The child could be out there. ;)
Cirerita, I'm interested to see how old you let her get before you introduce her to Bukowski's work. I think that's got to be one of the greatest things about children, watching them grow, seeing them experience things for the first time, and making sure they don't die. ahhahahahahhah
I will probably never even mention B to her. Nor Kubrick, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, etc. Well, maybe I'll "mention" her those names, but I think that'll be it.

I'm convinced kids MUST discover these things by themselves. You don't want to push them in any direction because then the discoveries won't be spontaneous and natural, but quite imposed upon. Don't count me in for that.

Of course, she's only a week now, I could change my mind anytime soon!
You're right on. It's human nature for the young to rebel against anything that is imposed, so a sure way to get a kid to hate something is to force it on them...
Hey, guys, I just couldn't help it: here's Ona taking her first swimming lessons ever :D

and, yep, that guy carefully holding her is the infamous cirerita aka criteria :cool:

hope you don't find my drooling over her too cheesy!


What a beautiful and smiling baby she is! She looks like she is having
a ball being in the water with daddy. And finally we get to see you in the flesh, so to speak...:)
What a beautiful kid! Congrats! Take good care of her...
Blonde hair and blue eyes, a typical Scandinavian...;)
that's one cute kid! got her mother's looks, huh? :D

you must be proud. my daughter, Kate, will be one in Sept. and i am.
i believe ROC is experiencing fatherhood for the first time, too.
As long as we are showing off.... Here are some pictures of my two kids helping me print. Notice the last one where my daughter was helping me print the covers for Bukowski's "The Drowning" from Bottle 5...


My daughter pringting Bush's face on a piece of toilet paper for X-Ray Book's Bagazine 2


And my son, also helping print a shameful thing on perfectly good toilet paper....


My daughter printing an anti-war piece by this forum's own "Rekrab"


My Daughter helping print the Buk

I guess that it is good to try to get them involved in our interests. I hope some day for them to really get into this....


p.s. That for looking and my apologies for the big pictures....
I hate to say this, but maybe add a thread with photos? I'm not talking about our kids, peer se, but maybe pictures that are Buk related. I have a bunch of pictures of people like Neeli, David Barker, Annie Menebroker, A.D. Winans, t.l. Kryss, Blazek, etc. All Buk related. It may be fun to see them and I know that I'm not the only one with photos. I am the copyright holder on the photos that I took, or ones that were taken with my camera.

Sure, just start new threads with the person's name as the title or something, that will be good.

I don't know about a separate sub-forum though. I've been getting some suggestions lately for new forums, but I don't want to get too fragmented. The more forums, the fewer threads in each forum. Look at the sub forums in the movies/video section to see what I mean.

Having said that, there may be one or two more new forums/topics/headers - whatever you want to call them - coming in the near future.
I have posted 4 threads with new photos of People that knew Bukowski. Most have never been published or seen outside of my hard drive...

As long as you guys are showing off yours, these two are mine.


Matthew (who just turned 7) and Michael (who is 3 1/2 and completely mad).

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