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I just recieved the French Born into this DVD from Cirerita. I was happy as a Boy to see it finally arrive in the post. I put it on my computer and what happens - NOTHING. The front menu simply repeats itself agian and again - every time I try to click on the features, the thing shuts down, saying that the DVD doesn't work.

I have been farting around for almost FOUR hours trying to get the DVD to work...and I did have some minor success...some of the features worked for about 40 seconds and then they froze up and the footage collapsed.

I have been building a small wrath ever since. I am petulant at this time. It is sooo damn annoying...and the worst thing's not even the Full Documentary...this is just the features...Grrrrr, I could jump from a window...

(cirerita, i'm not whining at you, no doubt we can sort this out tomorrow online, but I just felt the need to add a little rant about my unfortunate and uneventful night of absolute nothing.)

O mad mad mad
as the idiot box
does all the thinking for me
:mad: :mad:

I'm sorry to say that if you had read all the threads I suggested you to read, you certainly wouldn't have written this post and you wouldn't be angry. Everybody received the same DVD you received and everybody knew it was basically to see the Apostrophes episode, not the BIT doc. Did you expect to get an original BIT doc plus the original French extras for 8,6 euros??? C'mon, you should have read the threads to avoid all this confusion.

I told you via pm that I would even go as far as to help you to play the DVD using a messenger service, there was no need to make that public, was there? I also suggested a few ways to play the DVD, but you don't seem to have tried them yet...

Be patient, my friend, you'll watch the DVD sooner or later...
Alas! I did actually think I was recieving the Actual Documentary...but no worries, I realise I was mistaken and should have read the thread more clearly...

I have tried everything you have suggested and so far nothing has worked.
I felt the need to post this thread, I have been burning over this computer for soo long, I have had to reboot this machine several times as the DVD errors freeze the whole computer.

With any luck we can cure this problem
and I can watch all the features
as soon as

I await 'Born into this' coming out in the U.K.
I think I'll get on the phone to the producers next week.

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