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Hi guys... I am from Brazil and i am a big fan of Bukowski. This page is fantastic... Many good infos and curiosities about the dirty old man!
All novels and short stories od Buk have been published in Brazil by Publisher company called LP&M... I already read more than 10 books of him... Unfortunately we have few books of poems published in Brazil, but anyway a huge number of young readers on the last 3 years are more and more close of the Bukowski work... This is Great!!!
Cheers for everybody!
Feel free to inform us what do the Brazilian translations of Buk books look like. Here's a topic.

P.S. "Dirty old man" used to be a very polite and quiet person (except when drunk on some heavy stuff, that is). At least many of those who knew him say so.
Welcome aboard, Rodrigo! Many countries have translated his novels, but not so much his poem collections which is a shame. Luckily, us English speakers can buy and read all of his poem collections in English and that's great since it can be difficult to translate poems into a another language.

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