... a minor tiff ...


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I have nothing against you either. Stick around... just keep in mind that putting Bukowski's words to music is not exactly appreciated around here. Personally, I generally don't even bother to look/listen when someone posts something like this. I know I probably won't like it.
i concur. stick around TBT. you seem very intelligent and knowledgeable on many subjects. just laisse le bon temps rouler, brotha!!!
hey billy burg. do you have anything useful to contribute? have you even read bukowski? if not, go back to the Deer Tick forum...

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We're no strangers to love. You know the rules and so do I. I feel commitments what I'm thinking of. You would'nt get this from ant other guy. I just want to tell you what I'm feeling, got to make you understand. Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and desert you......Morrissey never wrote lyrics like this.

I think theLongPosterTragedy should stay. You haven't lived until you've had mjp get sarcastic about your posts.
I used to be a big fan of Morrissey, not so much these days, although I still like The Smiths (not as much as I did when I was young but hey, that's old fartdom for you). Anyway, I found the opening post quite interesting as I used to really like that song although was unaware of the connection. Thanks for that TBT.
hey billy burg. do you have anything useful to contribute? have you even read bukowski? if not, go back to the Deer Tick forum...
bro dog! it's all good! i never went hunting though for deer ticks. i like cocaine.

anyone into fondue or 8 Tracks? let's rap about it.

i did read one book of bukowski. the one with that dude on the cover. but i have a lot of bukowski books at my place like 18 of them. i collect them.


Yes, yes, I love Pearl Jam, especially now that Think Morrisey will ever get paid millions to star in a Target commercial! Ha, didn't think so! Ok, yes, yes, now are you going to write another book about that comment, you seem to have filled enough for thebicycletragedy chronicles on this forum. Where can I buy them?

Oh, oh and in the old my dad could beat up your dad vain...Eddie Vedder would so beat the hell out of Morrisey in a fight...I'm just saying dude.

Hey twatty: Morrissey was offered 5 million bucks to get on stage with Marr again. But he turned it down. He said he'd rather eat his own testicles than reform the Smiths.

He turned down 5 million dollars. Think about that. I'll say it slowly, so you can think about what integrity means:

He ...

turned ...

down ...

5 ...

million ...


Pearl Jam on the other hand, as you mentioned, did ads for Target.

Vedder's a whore among whores.

I hope that chronicle wasn't too long for you.


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Wow, Morrissey turned down 5 million to reform the Smiths? I said Pearl Jam was paid millions to make a Target commercial? That was a joke. I have no idea whether they were paid 5 million or 50 grand to make that commercial. I don't care. BUT if Morrissey really turned down 5 million, then wow, now I'm impressed, let me go pull out anything I own by Morrissey or The Smiths, cause someone with that artistic integrity is a-ok in my book. Oh, and of course Morrissey is the sole reason for the New York Dolls reunion a few years ago, so yes, yes, oh now Morrissey is really growing on me, as a matter a fact his song The More You Ignore Me reallly, really, got me into Bukowski!


his song The More You Ignore Me reallly, really, got me into Bukowski!

Really? Sweet! I knew you'd come around, buddy. As for me, that song really got me into, well, not Bukowski, but this chick Amanda's pants. Which is almost as good. I'd just bought the CD single at Tower and we went home and played it on repeat and started making out. Good times. She had awesome tits.

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how unconvincing - i'm guessing that was your "i'm pretending not to be gay" period?


Right, since me liking Morrissey means I'm a fag.

No, my predictable co-poster, it really happened. Sorry to burst your bubble. You need proof? Wanna smell my finger? Fist? Forearm?

Man, I can't wait to start working again next week.

Oh Christ, you're one of those Crumb people. Jesus.