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I've tried to read Bukowski twice in my life. The first time I read him I was in college. I don't think I could truly appreciate his skill; I was too immature to separate the dancer from the dance. The second time I started with his fiction and that has made all the difference. I find a freedom and immediacy in Bukowski's work that captivates me. I am amazed at how disciplined Bukowski was in his own writing; how he was driven to just write.

I'm a student of words. I work in a library in conservative North Carolina. When I go home from my day job, I read and drink and listen to music. I do a little writing when I feel like it.

I mainly lurk and scribble perhaps occasionally participate
well, howdy.

glad you got here. you can leave your shoes on, but don't put them up on the coffee table. it was left to me by my aunt, and she said it was an antique. it looks like something you could buy at Target, but my aunt was a good person and I'm sure she wouldn't lie about antiques.
Hello abeautifultragedy !

Are you a boy or a girl ?

I like your pseudo as much as Buk was right's ! Yours reminds me of the one I would have chosen if I had registered now : Sordide Sentimental (a french music label I've just discovered and which released a concept-disc from Joy Division in 1979).
Hi Ambreen

I'm a girl. Thank you, I'm not quite sure how or why I picked that pseudo, it just sort of came to me. I love Joy Division by the way, I've only recently gotten interested in their music but I love it. Digital gets stuck in my head more often than I'd like to say.
Welcome. Don't give up on Buk's poetry quite yet. The early poems are very skillful, classic, solid technique. The later poems are more like his fiction -- relaxed, anything goes. There may be something in that range that suits you.
You're a girl, how cool !!! We're so few here ! :D

There's an excellent film about Joy Division which released in 2007 : Control.
Maybe you've already seen it. If not, try it, it's really worth it ;)
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Oh yes, I've seen Control. I've also seen a pretty good documentary called Joy Division which has some pretty interesting interviews and includes one with Annick Honore.

There aren't a great deal of female Bukowski fans out there, I can understand why. I had to come to him a second time by way of Henry Miller. When I watched the documentary Born Into This with my sister, she thought he was absolutely disgusting. I didn't, I thought there was a deep vulnerability that ran from him to his work. I admired his obvious genius and his drive. Plus, the man had balls of steel to write the way he did and make a living from it.
You got it right. A deep vulnerability...obvious genius...balls of steel. That sums him up as well as anything I've ever read.
welcome to the board !

I really like the way you described Bukowski. He sure was The Man.
Hope you have lots of fun here, but I think that won't be a problem.

to the loo,
Oh yes, I've seen Control. I've also seen a pretty good documentary called Joy Division which has some pretty interesting interviews and includes one with Annick Honore.
It released in french theatres in January but I missed it because I heard of it too late !

I just call it like I see it. I'm almost finished with Women and I'm sad to see it end. I'm going to try Notes of a Dirty Old Man or Factotum next.
Maybe you could also read Post Office. There will be a discussion about it at the end of june ;)
Reading Bukowski makes me more aware. I want to write, drink, swear, screw more. I suppose its due to all of the above that is done in his work. I'd like to think that his writing makes me more aware..makes me more free..makes things more immediate.

Who knows, don't need an excuse to have fun although Bukowski would be a great one.

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