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the problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.
this was what lead me to bukowski. not that long ago. two months maybe.
i won't lie, his needing to be alone is heartwarming to me, is comforting.

i haven't read or listen to almost anything thought by the man. changing that.
i like blue bird, crunches, nirvana, born into this, the genius of the crowd and oh, yes.

i don't like to read, i just can't read. that's what i though until now.
most literature and poetry doesn't have spontaneity in it, is just over chewed shit.
they bore me to death, i can't read them. my influences are mostly eastern, zen buddhism & taoism.
a little bit of nihilism, maybe, a sort of harry dean stanton. his a friend of bukowski. font out recently.

i hope to be here and talk with whoever wants to listen.
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Welcome João. Be sure to check out The Priest and the Matador; The Tragedy of the Leaves; Old Man, Dead in a Room and Dinosauria, We. And (just about) everything else released during his lifetime.

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