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for your pleasure:
Very elaborate, what with the changing of the position of the non-drinking arm. Most people wouldn't have bothered with that. And it's disturbing, which is good. ;)
Well, nearly ten years ago, in 1998, I did a short-film based on 'You can't write a Love story' from 'South of No North'. It sure isn't done TOO properly. And needs some work on the sound for I only had the bad small micro that came with the camera. But at least - my Bukowski-actor was looking all right I think.
details? clips? please?

only a short film of about 10 min. filmed on a Hi8-cam.

The screenplay was an accurate adaption of the story, only I changed the character's names to Hank and Linda. The dialogue-lines, of course, came from the German translation. (oh, and when the main character says "Ginsberg gets a thousand." - I changed that into "Roni gets a thousand." ;-))

Sound is a big problem with it, for I only had the mic on the cam so it appears to be at different volumes depending on the shot-angle/distance.

Also I didn't know wheter I'd have the possibillity to edit on a computer, so in the last scene, when Hank is sitting at the typer, turning on the radio, I had my hand on a CD player to start the Mahler-piece at the very point I wanted it to, while holding the cam with my other hand - plus: this whole shot is about 4-5 min long. ONE shot! Including camera-movement without a steadycam or dolly. My masterpiece. A whole afternoon only to film this shot.

The Hank-character is the father of my best friend. A long-term alcoholic with gout, who had then gone on the wagon. So I filled in tea instead of real liquor.

The Linda-character is a girl I had photographed before. She had the looks that I imagined, Linda King could have (that was way before 'Bukowski in pictures' or other such stuff).

The scene of the guy from college, inviting Buk on the telephone for a reading was another problem I solved old-school: as I said, I didn't know, I could edit on a Computer (I thought, I had to use an old U-Matic video system instead), which would allow me to use a split-screen, I FIRST took a take of the college guy, with pauses between the sentences - then played that on a TV-set when filming the scene with my Hank-character, who of course, then had to match the pauses of the other guy exactly!
(no screenshots of that at hand - will make some for you...)

Anyway, it's only a poor amateur piece and would need a total redo.
But it was fun doing it.
Well, as you can see, there are those of us who care not as to the
professional level of how/when/where it was shot, and we back you 100%.

If some clips should ever make their way here you'd have an
audience. As it stands, there are those of us who are glad
you've made it.

Like that, and thanks.

- -
Father Luke
Great animated Buk, Roni! Thanks...

Now, let's see your short film! :)
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It looks pretty good roni. Now how about some subtitles :p

No, really it looks great. Thanks for taking the time.
Now how about some subtitles :p

thanks baby.
i was thinking about subtitles too.
But since I assume, everybody (well NEARLY everybody) has this story on their shelfes anyway, I decided to just tell, which part of it it is, so one can easily look it up. It's no bad idea to re-read it anyway.
Maybe this weekend, one or two more sequences will follow if requested.
The water in the coffee pot got me.
It fit in where anything else wouldn't have.

Thanks, roni.
I really liked this, and I know what effort it took for you to put it up here.
Very well done, Roni! I liked it! Thanks for taking the time!
Two more sequences if requested? I would like to request the whole 10 min. :)
o.k., here's another sequence.

It starts at the end of Hanks (Carls) and Lindas (Margies) argument.

In the original story she screams: "Beer! Beer! You and your goddamned beer!" - my version is of course "Scotch! You and your goddamned scotch!"

And it goes right till the end of the story, when Hank closes with the words: "It feels good to be writing again."

From the dark screen after Linda left till the very end, everything was shot in ONE single shot! That meant, that any mistake in acting, filming, dialogue, etc led to another take from the beginning. (plus I had to handle the TV-remote-control and the cassette-recorder which played Rachmaninow, when my actor was pushing the button on the radio!)

yes, I know that the amount of wine he pours in his glass is ridiculous. The reason: in this case it was REAL wine and my actor was a dry-alcoholic then, so we had to be careful.
Thanks a lot, FL! That worked! I still couldn't open it with Quicktime. A box popped up saying so. Then I chose the VCL player and that did the trick...:)

Roni: Great segment! That Betsy...drool...
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