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CD. 1969. Interview by Barry Miles at Bukowski's house.


CD. New Orleans, 1970. BUKOWSKI: KING OF POETS. Poetry reading.

LP. 1980. TACOMA. Poetry reading.

LP. 1985. HOSTAGE. Poetry reading.

CD. 1985. HOSTAGE. Poetry reading.

DVD. 1985. THE CHARLES BUKOWSKI TAPES. Yep. The 52 segments.

FLEXIDISC (?) From a magazine in the UK. Still wrapped. Can't remember the date or subject matter.

1993. Audio Cassette. RUN WITH THE HUNTED: A CHARLES BUKOWSKI READER. Buk reads his poetry. Seems to be a tie-in with the Harper Collins book of the same title.

DVD. 2003. BUKOWSKI: BORN INTO THIS. The documentary.

DVD. 2005, FACTOTUM. Film of novel. This is the Italian edition, comprising 2 DVDs (different viewing formats and such) and a booklet and the BORN INTO THIS documentary and some interview of an Italian dude who met Bukowski and talks about him.

CD. No date. THE LIFE AND HAZARDOUS TIMES OF CHARLES BUKOWSKI: NEITHER BOUGHT FOR GOLD, NOR TO THE DEVIL SOLD. A worthless audio biography, with even more worthless music. Narrated by a droning dolt.
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The FLEXIDISC is presented with Beat Scene No. 12, may 1991.


Beat Scene is a great magazine. They still sell Charles Bukowski, A Beat Scene special issue. March 2004. 64 pages BUK!

The other Special Buk issue; september, 1994 is a hard to find one.
Thanks Ponder

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Great mag
My pleasure. I forgot I've sold the mag. to you for only 30 bucks. A real steal for sure.
Flexidisc - Bends All Over The Place

The FLEXIDISC is presented with Beat Scene No. 12, may 1991.
Thank you very much!

I believe that I have purchased that special March 2004 issue and it's probably in the mail, even as we speak.

And maybe the 1994 issue is on e-Bay right now?
Yet Another God-Damned List From That Mullinax Clown


1) CHARLES BUKOWSKI: SUNLIGHT HERE I AM. 2003. Interviews edited by David Calonne.

2) CHARLES BUKOWSKI. 2005. Barry Miles. Biography. Of sorts.

3) SPINNING OFF BUKOWSKI. 1996. Steve Richmond. Goofy biography/memoir/rant/prayer.

4) CHARLES BUKOWSKI: LAUGHING WITH THE GODS. Long interview by an Italian dame, Fernanda Pivano. 2000. She doesn't quite get it. Or him.

5) CHARLES BUKOWSKI FOR BEGINNERS. 2000. Carlos Polimeni. Poorly illustrated comic-book style biography.

6) DRINKING WITH BUKOWSKI: RECOLLECTIONS OF THE POET LAUREATE OF SKID ROW. Stories about Buk from those who knew him. 2000. Edited by D. Weizmann.

7) BUKOWSKI AND THE BEATS. Idiot Frenchman tries hard, and fails, to place our man Buk amongst the Beats. 2002

8) CHARLES BUKOWSKI: A SURE BET. Gerald Locklin. 1996. Stories and anecdotes about author and Hank. Locklin lets us know that he drinks espresso and likes whales.

9) CHARLES BUKOWSKI:AUTOBIOGRAPHER, GENDER CRITIC, ICONOCLAST. Doctoral dissertation. 1995. University of Kansas. David Charlson.

10) THE BUK BOOK: MUSINGS ON CHARLES BUKOWSKI. 1997. An excuse to publish photographs of Buk feeling up a girl's twat. And a nice twat it is. These are the photos that Linda King found and tore up. Who are the jokers that put this stuff out? Buk's old pals? Deadbeats? Sons of Bitches?

11) CHARLES BUKOWSKI:LOCKED IN THE ARMS OF A CRAZY LIFE. First serious biography. Howard Sounes. 1998. Great stuff and best biography out there.

12) VISCERAL BUKOWSKI: INSIDE THE SNIPER LANDSCAPE OF L.A. WRITERS. Ben Pleasants. 2004. A memoir/expose/biography by everyone's favourite Bukster. Bwahahahaha.

13) THE HOLY GRAIL: CHARLES BUKOWSKI AND THE SECOND COMING REVOLUTION. 2002. A. D. Winans. Gossipy memoir. Only glanced at this.

14) THE HUNCHBACK OF EAST HOLLYWOOD: A BIOGRAPHY OF CHARLES BUKOWSKI. Aubrey Malone. 2003. Purports to be "the first book to study the writer's life and work in equal measure". It ain't.
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...and furthermore...

I forgot these 2:

2 copies of HANK by Neeli Cherkovski (hardcover) and

the GAYLORD Brewer biography (also hardcover, for some reason).
My favourite (notice the spelling) has got to be the SOUNES BIO because it's a legitimate work of journalistic biography. "He did this... and then this happened... and this resulted in... and I found evidence and photographs and records of such-and-such and so-and-so"... and so on.

Brewer's work is great because it's what a literary bio ought to be; it places the work in the context of the man and his times.

And finally, I'm into the (GASP!) PLEASANTS bio because he devotes an entire chapter to My Man Mullinax and another entire chapter to that born rebel and anti-hero, none other than Choir Boy Harold Mortenson!
And finally, I'm into the (GASP!) PLEASANTS bio because he devotes an entire chapter to My Man Mullinax and another entire chapter to that born rebel and anti-hero, none other than Choir Boy Harold Mortenson!
I enjoyed the Pleasants bio when I read it (and even defended it in a piece I wrote), but at this point I have to wonder how much of it comes from the imaginary land between his floppy pink ears. The guy appears to have a badly distorted view of reality and it's hard to take anything he says or writes seriously anymore.
It's funny how The Eunuch, Jory Sherman, J.D. Winans (and his buddies George Tsongas and Kell Robertson) and the characters who bid on Buk stuff in that PBA Galleries auction photograph all pretty much look the same: odd tufts of facial hair, obesity, nondescript sad sack garments and the wearing of cowboy hats seem to be common attributes.

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