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Hello forum,

Thought I should do the right thing and say hello, from New Zealand. Between jobs and bored, medicated, and on a good day with whisky in the belly. Obviously a fan of Buk, if you need to do the "so what have you read?" question, I'll just say the novels, most of the short story collections that I'm aware of, much of the poetry, as yet have not read the screenplay, but have seen the movie many a time.

Hope you are all well.
another mother from downunder
from upabove.
Hope you are all well.
I'm fine, thank you. :)
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Hey skiroomalum, as I stated in the first post, a heap. In more detail, off the top of my head: post office, factotum, ham on rye, women, hollywood, pulp, and the days run away..., south of no north, septuagenerian stew, the captian is out to lunch, love is a dog from hell, more notes of a dirty old man, open all night, burning in water, betting on the muse, the continual condition...and probably others that I can't recall just now.

I guess you could say I like his work.
that's one cool map, Winston.

I know of some maps from the Rennaicance- and Baroque-era, where East or South is on top.

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