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Hi, I ran into this place searchin-up some discounted Bukowski tomes (traded a stack of mine for a guitar last year in a moment of weakness - and I'm Buk-book depleted). Anyhow, I'm due for another go at "Post Office" so I got a bit of the shakes.
Maybe this crew here can give me a proper fixin'.
I'm always up for some righteous blather as well as a little reading advice. I'm yer basic autobiographical realist with delusions of festering endurance. My days are mostly full of general human participation (though markedly and intentionally alternative)...until its go-time. THEN things get accomplished. But it requires such a draining severing that I'm only good for an episode, then its back to the participating for re-charge. This place looks to be good for some re-charge. I look forward to knowing you all.
Play that guitar until you've got blisters, then buy:

Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame
South of No North
Dangling in the Tournefortia
Hot Water Music
Septuagenarian Stew

You can find these on ebay for less than $10 each, and sometimes in groups.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Welcome. Where in the northeast are you? It's good to see a few east-coasters lovin' the word.
Thanks Purple, yeah I'm huntin ebay allright.
I'm in western Massachusetts, Easthampton. Pretty low key little place, been there 4 years (fled the big city to be sure my young'uns would be even-tempered in dealing with their eventual inheritance: the center of the universe).
Welcome, welcome. I remember Easthampton well. Mainly for driving through it going from Westfield to Northampton on occasion to see a concert when I was still going to school.

Enjoy your stay. I'll echo PS's recommendations, especially Septuagenarian Stew. One of my favorite collections.
So you were you going to the Calvin or The Iron Horse? There still good stuff happening at those venues. I saw the Melvins at the former just this summer. And yes, all those colleges do make for some decent bookstores, especially over in Amherst.

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