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This has been driving me nuts for a while. I swear there's a Bukowski quote about how most people look at a stone in a river or on a river bank (or maybe just a stone; possibly a log) and find it pleasant looking, but he liked to turn them over and look at all the dirt and slime underneath.

Countless searches have found nothing, although I did find a review on Amazon where someone used that analogy to describe Bukowski's work so maybe I read that a long time ago and got confused. But I could've sworn I actually read this quote somewhere.

My best guess would be Ham on Rye since I think it was while describing his childhood (if it exists.) Other than that I've read The Most Beautiful Woman in Town, Hot Water Music, Postal and about half of Tales of Ordinary Madness. I may have borrowed one of his other books from someone years ago, but those are the suspects.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
I've never read that anywhere in Buks work... or anywhere else for that matter.
Are you sure you didn't dream it? :cool:


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