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hank solo

Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights
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(did you break something valuable jordan? :D)


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sounds like he's prefacing a plea to let him buy Heatwave - either that, or trying to store up credit for future requests.


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marcel dzama:

I had a Dzama book in my hands the other day with intention to buy, but I put it back. it was a sketchbook thing, I believe. maybe I'll go back and pull the trigger.
I've spent a lot of time at Tate Britain staring at Turner's epic landscapes, the attention to detail is astounding.


Bosch is a massive influence, his work is insanity on canvas


Banksy and Ron English are also favourites of mine, despite their many detractors.




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Wow. These are some incredible strong pictures. Not being that much in art, I didn't know many of these artists.The Luigi Serafini is really cool. I love it.

As far as Austrians go, we have of course Gottfried Helnwein:



And his once fellow student, Manfred Deix, one genius caricaturist (I rate him within the art context):




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matt furie is a genius. his art ranges from black & white cartoons that are so bizarrely stupid and banal that you can't help laughing at them to huge, mind-blowing, incredibly detailed pieces.


Art should be its own hammer.
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no, but this one may be mine soon, once I find out how much he charges for shipping to the Tundra.

He's been mentioned, but I think it was because of the Linda King book, Bukowski Undigested, that he did the artwork for.

He was also at the Bukowski Festival here in LA a few months ago showing some of his work.

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yes, that is very cool indeed. I have seen one of his pieces in a museum of modern art in Ivry near Paris. It was a perfect red ring but you had to be standing in a certain point in a large room to put it together. Somehow, without knowing it, you felt driven to the right spot, as if you were looking to solve a puzzle.
The Power of Art looks excellent. I'd like to suggest these additional titles - ones that illumine the world of art and all forms of creative genius:

Civilisation: The Complete Series

Man Ray - Prophet of the Avant-Garde

Alfred Stieglitz: The Eloquent Eye

The Mystery of Picasso

Each title is rich and worthy of repeated viewings, but supply your own soundtrack to the Picasso as you watch him work and rework his paintings.


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For Gerard, bukfan and other Van Gogh lovers:

The Power of Art:

[This video is unavailable.]


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carol, have you heard of ruby mag? i think you'd like it a lot - lots and lots of different, new stuff, i've discovered a lot of cool artists through this site.

i like mark jenkins:

and the things this guy can do with paper and a scalpel are mindblowing:

Gerard K H Love

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Try this; I can't find any of the work on the internet but if you are close enough they have some winners.

Twenty Eight: A Second-Year MFA Student Exhibition
Event Type: Art Show
Location: East and Peggy Phelps galleries

Monday, September 28, 2009
12:00 AM
CGU Events Calendar
pat Evans
[email protected]
Title Url:
Department: Art
CGU Art department presents: Twenty Eight: A Second-Year MFA Student Exhibition. Sept. 28 through Oct. 9. Opening reception Sept. 29 6-9 pm. East and Peggy Phelps Galleries, 251 E. Tenth St. For more info: 909-621-8071 or

I would suggest some of you fly in to see this exhibit. Yes, my son has three projects in it.
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