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I am always impressed by the old masters,
Me too ! Last year, I spent a lot of evenings in the Louvre, rediscovering a museum that I had deserted since my teen years. The hugest paintings from masters like Veronese, David, Delacroix, Géricault, etc. have my preference, an amazing work that always makes me feel dizzy. Each time I imagine the time, the perseverance, the patience that have been necessary for such masterpieces, vertigo catches me.

My favourite painters are the Pre-Raphaelites (especially Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Edward Burne-Jones) and the german Romantic Caspar David Friedrich.

La Ghirlandata, from Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

I first saw it on the cover of a Jane Austen book and was deeply moved, that was how I got acquainted with the Pre-Raphaelites.

The best exhibition I saw last year was Land 250, entirely devoted to the great Patti Smith and consisting in photos, paintings, drawings, personal objects, videos, etc. of her. We could see through it how much her life and work were influenced by some french writers.

She gave a reading of Virginia Woolf's texts and a gig but I didn't manage to have places...I was so upset that I cried, like a kid who doesn't get the toy he strongly desired.

A presentation of the exhibition Land 250 :

An extract from the reading of Virginia Woolf :

These last six months, I didn't have many time to visit a lot of exhibitions. I would have liked very much to see the one focusing on the english poet and painter William Blake is the last day, it will close in five hours. I had done so many things this week that I have no energy left to go. Too bad !
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i think the 3 skulls under the smoker is by cezanne, another fave. amsterdam was amazing, the rijksmuseum for vermeer and rembrandt and the coffee shops for...i found one of the only ones that served booze there - reggae, beer and the best menu i've ever seen. it's funny how many people i've talked to who went and said they had all these plans but got too high and just stayed in their rooms all day - or went straight to the heineken brewery and got bombed and passed out in the park.

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as far as "fine" art or what gets shown in galleries, the artists i like usually fall under the label "pop surrealism" - joe vaux, alex gross, ray caesar, mark ryden, blaine fontana, alex pardee, greg simkins, nathan spoor, roland tamayo, and so on...

and then there's always luigi serafini, the king among kings. if you're interested in serafini, i know of a great chapbook with tons of info...
I put that "pop Surrealism" into Google and got this:

and this:

very nice.
Wow justine!! Thanks for the images. I was blown away by ray caesar, and you're naxt post was equally mind blowing. I can totally relate to the butterfly guy. Did "the hallway" remind anyone else of a Radiohead song?


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don't encourage me - i could spend all day posting to this thread.

luigi serafini:

marcel dzama:

mel kadel:

hank solo

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(did you break something valuable jordan? :D)


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sounds like he's prefacing a plea to let him buy Heatwave - either that, or trying to store up credit for future requests.
I've spent a lot of time at Tate Britain staring at Turner's epic landscapes, the attention to detail is astounding.

Bosch is a massive influence, his work is insanity on canvas


Banksy and Ron English are also favourites of mine, despite their many detractors.



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Wow. These are some incredible strong pictures. Not being that much in art, I didn't know many of these artists.The Luigi Serafini is really cool. I love it.

As far as Austrians go, we have of course Gottfried Helnwein:


And his once fellow student, Manfred Deix, one genius caricaturist (I rate him within the art context):


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matt furie is a genius. his art ranges from black & white cartoons that are so bizarrely stupid and banal that you can't help laughing at them to huge, mind-blowing, incredibly detailed pieces.


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Thanks for that Justine, and of course I ended up following all kinds of links from there which ended up leading me to this.


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no, but this one may be mine soon, once I find out how much he charges for shipping to the Tundra.



Is Matt Sesow also a poet ? Could swear he was mentioned in another thread.... or am I thinking of someone else ?
He's been mentioned, but I think it was because of the Linda King book, Bukowski Undigested, that he did the artwork for.

He was also at the Bukowski Festival here in LA a few months ago showing some of his work.

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yes, that is very cool indeed. I have seen one of his pieces in a museum of modern art in Ivry near Paris. It was a perfect red ring but you had to be standing in a certain point in a large room to put it together. Somehow, without knowing it, you felt driven to the right spot, as if you were looking to solve a puzzle.