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The Power of Art looks excellent. I'd like to suggest these additional titles - ones that illumine the world of art and all forms of creative genius:

Civilisation: The Complete Series

Man Ray - Prophet of the Avant-Garde

Alfred Stieglitz: The Eloquent Eye

The Mystery of Picasso

Each title is rich and worthy of repeated viewings, but supply your own soundtrack to the Picasso as you watch him work and rework his paintings.


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For Gerard, bukfan and other Van Gogh lovers:

The Power of Art:

[This video is unavailable.]


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Nakona MacDonald
also HERE
This is an old Roommate of mine.
He is a really fine artist and was a great roommate.
He used blow glass down in his room when lived together.
Super Cool guy.
Now he's doing Tattoo's as well.


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carol, have you heard of ruby mag? i think you'd like it a lot - lots and lots of different, new stuff, i've discovered a lot of cool artists through this site.

i like mark jenkins:

and the things this guy can do with paper and a scalpel are mindblowing:


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Those are cool Justine. I've seen both of those artists works before but didn't have names associated with them. thanks for that.

Gerard K H Love

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Try this; I can't find any of the work on the internet but if you are close enough they have some winners.

Twenty Eight: A Second-Year MFA Student Exhibition
Event Type: Art Show
Location: East and Peggy Phelps galleries

Monday, September 28, 2009
12:00 AM
CGU Events Calendar
pat Evans
Title Url:
Department: Art
CGU Art department presents: Twenty Eight: A Second-Year MFA Student Exhibition. Sept. 28 through Oct. 9. Opening reception Sept. 29 6-9 pm. East and Peggy Phelps Galleries, 251 E. Tenth St. For more info: 909-621-8071 or

I would suggest some of you fly in to see this exhibit. Yes, my son has three projects in it.
click here and touch the names.


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Will it blend is an essential stop on anyone's internet ramblings.


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I've never seen such awesome street art before. It's truly amazing.

The Link does'nt work. It says something about a server error:

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Yeah, it's been down for a couple of days. Weird.
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I love this work by Damian Michaels. You have to see a better scan to appreciate the detail. The original is like 3" x 4". If you blew it up, you would see serious detail. He must use a tiny rapidograph like Jordan has...




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Wesley Willis, the schizophrenic rock and roller from way back has always captured my attention. I think his drawings, which were marker on board and done right on the street from memory are amazing. The detail in his works were amazing. You see them on eBay every now and then, usually fetching around $1,000.00. Back in the day, he'd sit on street corners and sell them for less than $100.00. The same as with a Dee Dee Ramone painting, I'd give anything to own a Wesley piece of art.